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10 Basic Japanese Phrases A Foreigner Should Know

November 28th, 2007 by

You’ve been bitten by the Japan bug, turned into a Japanophile and want to visit Japan. Before that you must know at least the following ten basic Japanese phrases translated to English:

10 yes – Hai, no – Iie

09 Sorry/Excuse me – Sumimasen

08 Do you speak English? – Anata wa Eigo o hanashimasu ka?

07 I need some help / Help! / Please help! – Tasukete kudasai(!!)

06 How much does this cost? – (Kore wa) Ikura desu ka?

05 Where is <name of place> ? – <name of place> wa doko desu ka? [i.e. Where is Tokyo University? – Tokyo University/Todai wa doko desu ka?]

04 Please give me <object> – <Object> o kudasai [i.e. Please give me beer. – Biiru o kudasai.]

03 Please/offering – Dozo; please/requesting – Kudasai

02 Thank you (formal) – Domo Arigatou; Thank you (informal) – Domo

01 Hello – Konnichiwa, Goodbye (long term/permanent) – Sayounara, Goodbye (short term) – Mata ne/ Ja ne.

After reading a Japan destination guide and if you think you’re ready to visit Japan (I highly suggest learning more than just these 10 basic phrases), choose where you are going to stay from any of these hotels in Japan. Have a fun trip! ;)

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