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5 Weirdest Things Chinese People Eat in Guangzhou

July 16th, 2007 by

A quick interview with a few Chinese locals have revealed some of the reasons why tourists visit China. Not only do they want to see attractions and become part of special events, but the thought of eating Chinese traditional food is an experience no one will forget. Here’s the Top 5 things people eat in Guangzhou: Chicken Feet

5/ Chicken Feet – Maybe not the most revolting thing, but chicken feet certainly get a few Europeans nervous. Its available at most Yum Cha restaurants around the world. Of course, the staff clean the feet before they cook them. Try not to think about where the chickens have been walking before you devour the lanky toes.

4/ Worms - Apparently Chinese people fry worms and eat them like chips. Hmmm nice. They can also make them into a dish similar to Singapore noodles.Cows Balls

3/ Cow Testicles – As delicious as this may sound, most tourists will probably give this a miss. Frying the cows balls will actually vaporize the foul smell. There is a choice of rare or well-done. Either way, it should give you a quick boost of energy.

2/ Monkey Brains – The Chinese believe they can cure themselves of germs andMonkey Brains bacteria by eating monkey brains. Pickled ginger, pepper and peanuts are added to the fresh monkey brains for extra flavoring. According to Chinese medicine, eating animal organs will help corresponding organs in the human body.

1/ Deer Penis – The Chinese in Guangzhou eat deer’s penis to aid sexual performance along with other health needs. According to some visitors, deers penis is rubbery and hard to chew. Deers penis might be seen as weird in some cultures, but for traditional Chinese people, it is a common source of medicine. Deers penis can also be taken in a capsule form.

Visit hotels in Guangzhou for access to an overwhelming about of weird delicacies. For more information about Guangzhou visit Guangzhou travel guide.

20 Responses to “5 Weirdest Things Chinese People Eat in Guangzhou”

  1. moom Says:

    There’s nothing unusual about chicken feet in the west – use them to make chicken soup. My Mom (an Australian) likes to eat them.

  2. scoobydoobydoo Says:

    cow testicles arent really that wierd either. i dont personally care for them but i have tried them. pig testicles are also commonly eaten. good old rocky mountain oysters

  3. Alessandra D. Says:

    Chicken Feet are pretty commmon here in Italy as well. I used to eat ‘em when I was a kid, they are delicious if you can get past the way they look….Cow testicles were available a few years ago, but they’re not that big deal, they basically taste like liver or kidneys. I haven’t tried the others, but I did try cow brains and it tastes like nothing. It’s usually fried and in the end you can only taste that. I think it’s just the texture that it’s a bit weird.
    Have you ever tried centyru eggs? I want to try ‘em…will maybe next time I go to a chinese restaurant!

  4. Mark Says:

    Great articles and nice a site. Me likey :)

  5. Craigslist Proxies Says:

    I don’t normally post, but this reminded me of the recent news with the CEO of Craigslist wanting for an apology from the South Carolina attorney general. Always something different with Craigslist and events in the news.

  6. Alf Says:

    Thanks for the news, I really didn’t know about it yet though I normally keep my eyes wide opened. ;)

  7. PLR Products Says:

    I’m not doubting what you say is true – but how can it be proven?

  8. Elijah Says:

    I think the internets would be a lot better if we had more blog posts like this.

  9. Biblitecario Says:

    TOda la razon, estimado…

  10. gdf Says:


  11. SaraScrumptious Says:

    Monky Brain? Om nom nom. that sounds tasty. Ha-Ha.

  12. SaraScrumptious Says:

    Monkey i mean o_O

  13. Henry Says:

    Thanks for your help

  14. brittney kinzle Says:

    it is nasty that u eat deers penis, cow testicles, and monkeys brains, it is all nasty and kewl @ the same time, but unlike u guys i would never eat ths stuff

  15. vegw123 Says:

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww im not eating penis :)

  16. nike max Says:

    i love your blog,really nice

  17. Lovers Says:

    Nice article,i agree it!!

  18. Steve Says:

    thanks your for this very infomative source, already subcribe you RSS..

  19. Lovers Says:

    2. You’ve knocked off the last 10k you were going to pay on the home. (sometime in 2030)

  20. Ace Says:

    What about dog and cat? They also eat scorpions and toads. I can’t believe you missed those. They actually brutalize dogs and cats before they eat them. They say fear and terror make the meat taste better. Just twisted.

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