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6 Attractions Of Taipa Island

April 24th, 2009 by

Taipa is another outlying island of Macau like Coloane Island.  Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, this island of Taipa was composed of two islands and a sheltered port that served as a place where ships dropped their anchor to engage in trade with mainland China.  There were also smaller shipping vessels that carried different products such as opium and other produce up the Pearl River to reach Canton.  On the way back, these vessels in turn carry items like silk, porcelain, coffee or tea that they will carry on their journey for export to other parts of the world.

Welcome to Taipa Island

Currently, Taipa is still considered a gateway to other countries ever since the Macau International Airport started its operations.  Aside from trade, Taipa is a highly popular destination among tourists who find themselves in colourful Macau.  This is because there are so many interesting things to see in this enthralling island.  The island is considered an excellent choice for sightseeing opportunities and the entire place can be explored either on foot or even on a cycle.

FLOWER CITY GARDEN – At the centre of island’s residential area, one will find the Flower City Garden.  This charming garden is described as a modern version of a typical Chinese garden.  Even if it is a modern, it still has the traditional elements of a Chinese garden like lotus ponds, quaint pavilions, and connecting bridges.  Additional elements would be a kid’s playground and a skating area.  The Flower City Garden is a nice place to take souvenir pictures.

Taipa Village

TAIPA VILLAGE – It is highly recommended for all visitors to take time to visit Taipa and see the Taipa Village.  It would be interesting to walk along the small alleys within the Taipa Village and see how the residents go about their daily lives.  Drown your senses with the different shops that line the streets, Portuguese inspired architectural structures,an old factory that produced fireworks, and some holy temples.  It is also here where one can go on a food trip by visiting Rua da Cunha or the place that is fondly referred to as the Food Street.  At the Rua da Cunha, go on a gastronomic adventure while sample various Macanese, Chinese, and Portuguese dishes.

MACAU JOCKEY CLUB – Tourists who would like to experience something out of the ordinary usually head to the Macau Jockey Club.  Meets are usually held during weekend afternoons.  The audience can watch meets from the air-conditioned grandstand and even have a relaxing snack at the restaurant.  The Macau Jockey Club makes use of a computerized system for betting and the horses that participate in the meets are from America, Australia, and Ireland among others.

MACAU STADIUM – The Macau Stadium started its operations in 1997 and the stadium can accommodate a total of 15, 000 people at a time.  It has two playing fields that are used for various sporting events like track and field, hockey and soccer.  It also has two gymnasiums that are used for basketball games, gymnastics and volleyball.  Another attention-grabbing area of the Macau Stadium is the Macau Olympic Aquatic Centre which has a pool that can be used for diving meets and a ten lane standard 50-meter pool.

POU TAI TEMPLE – The Pou Tai Temple is another attraction of Taipa Island.  It is considered the largest Buddhist temple within the island of Taipa.  The temple is wonderfully enclosed by a lush garden composed of orchid greenhouses.  Another interesting section of the temple would be the quadrangle pavilion where three palaces meet within the temple grounds.  The major place is called the Palace of the Pak Tai and it was built in honour of the Pak Tai.  The other supporting palaces are the Palace of Hua Guang and the Palace of Kwan Tai.  The former is devoted to the Emperor of Hua guang and the Empress of Golden Flowers while the Palace of Kwan Tai is dedicated to Kwan Tai and the Lord of Wealth.

Four Faced Buddha Shrine

FOUR FACED BUDDHA SHRINE – One must surely not miss seeing the Four Faced Buddha Shrine while on Taipa Island.  This shrine can be found towards the northeast of the Macau Jockey Club.  Be awestruck while looking at the Four Faced Buddha Statue and see how it is surrounded by four stone leaf elephants and bouquets.  It is said that each of the four faces represent the elements of the earth that face four different directions.  The Four Faced Buddha is also holding the Vedas, the ancient book of wisdom, and a string of pearls.  This shrine is frequently visited by gamblers who come to ask for guidance and luck.

It is quite easy to reach Taipa from any hotel in Macau as there are buses that crossover from downtown. One simply has to get the bus route information from the Tourist Information Center at the airport or at the Macau Ferry Terminal.  There is another Tourist Office located at Senado Square.  If you would like to stay in Taipa then you can also book a room at the Best Western Taipa Hotel Macau.

So catch that bus to Taipa and fill yourself with more of Macau’s glorious sights and effervescent culture.

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