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8 Wonderful Things To Buy In Thailand

May 22nd, 2009 by

You find yourself in Thailand and your pockets are loaded with crisp Thai Baht bills that you just exchanged at the nearest money changer. You are ready to go on your much-awaited shopping spree. Now, the next big question would be “What to buy?”

Here’s a list of some of the wonderful things that you can buy during your trip to Thailand:

Jim Thompson House Museum

THAI SILK – It would be a shame not to buy some Thai silk when you visit Thailand. This particular kind of beautiful fabric, which is commonly sold by the yard, was made famous by Jim Thompson and it is available in an assorted of lovely colors, weights, thickness and patterns. Silk, perhaps, is the most popular among Thailand’s products. One unique kind of Thai silk is called Mat Mee which is actually tie-dyed silk.  If you have time, make time to visit Jim Thompson’s house which is located at the top of Surawong Road in Bangkok. Thai silk products include bags, pillow cases, beddings and drapes among others.

BATIK & COTTON – Aside from Thai Silk, it would also be nice to buy some cotton or batik products.  Cotton products of Thailand were produced by certain locals or tribal people.  Some nice pieces were even carefully embroidered using differently colored threads.

JEWELERY – There are loads of gorgeous pieces of jewelery that are imported from surrounding countries like Cambodia. Aside from these imported ones, Thailand also has its own mines and cutting centre for a variety of precious stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc. A lot of striking pieces of jewelery are usually on sale in markets that are scattered all over Thailand. If you have a particular design or cut in mind, you can even ask the jeweller to make a copy for you.

Thailand Gold

Aside from alluring precious and semi-precious stones, you can also hunt for jewelery that are made of gold or silver. There would be quite an assorted of delicate chains, rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces to choose from. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the price of gold can vary from day to day. As for silver, you can shop for olden or antique pieces which would make exquisite gifts and souvenirs.

There are also jewellery pieces that are made of pearls. Pearl farms are scattered all over Thailand but are concentrated in certain places like Ranong and Phuket.

CERAMICS & POTTERY – Thailand is also known for different ceramic products and pottery that bear elaborate designs.  These products also come in different colors, shapes and sizes all throughout the kingdom. This country produces sea green Celadon and the Benjarong style porcelain that exhibit up to five colors.

APPAREL OR CLOTHING – It would also be nice to shop for clothes while in Thailand.  For sure, stalls and stores that sell different clothing items would be scattered all over the city like in flea markets, street vendors, hypermarkets, and the leading department stores.  Prices range from the most affordable to the middle range and up to the luxurious ones.  Some international label brands even have factories in Thailand where the actual products are sewn together in different clothing factories in Thailand.  If you feel that you cannot find what you’re looking for then you can head to the nearest tailor and have clothes custom made for you.

WOOD CRAFTS – Wood carvings are also delightful. The detailed carvings done on various pieces of furniture are enough proof of the expertise and talent of the different craftsmen of Thailand.  Wood crafts come in the form of huge and bulky furniture, wooden animals, wooden palaces or temples, etc. Some pieces of furniture are made of rosewood, rattan, bamboo, etc. These wooden crafts can be custom made and some shops like the ones in Bangkok and Chiangmai can even ship to other countries.

Thai Orchids

LACQUERWARE – Chiangmai is known for attractive lacquerware.  This particular handicraft is produced by coating bamboo or any other kind of wood with lacquer.  After doing so, designs are usually hand painted on the item following linear and tribal designs. The usual color combinations for lacquerware are yello and green on reddish brown lacquer or gold on black lacquerware.  Favorite lacquerware items are usually trays, sauce dishes, and bowls among others.

THAI ORCHIDS – A lot of the world’s best looking orchid variety can be found in Thailand.  Thai orchids come in various colors and sizes. Transportation of these orchids is also not a problem. Orchids can be packed together with portable water containers. A lot of flower shops offer these to tourists and it is possible to purchase Thai orchids at the airport of Bangkok.

Aside from shopping, keep in mind that the perfect vacation should also allow you plenty of time to catch up with some rest and relaxation.  Book a room at a nice hotel like the Adelphi Grande Hotel Bangkok and you will surely be re-charged for another day of shopping in no time.

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  1. Monica Wong Says:

    Hey I heard Lacoste shirts are cheaper there?

  2. Beatrice Says:

    oooh, i love thai silk kitci!

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