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Asia’s Best Floating Restaurants

June 3rd, 2011 by

There are hundreds of dining options to consider in Asia. After trying first class restaurants, fast food fares, and hawker stalls, one can be a tad bit more adventurous and give floating restaurants a try.

Here is a list of the different floating restaurants that are guaranteed to provide a truly unforgettable dining experience in Asia.

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Jumbo Kingdom (Hong Kong)

The Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong has to be the most popular of the lot. It’s also one of the world’s biggest floating restaurants given that it can accommodate a total of 2,300 people each time.

Jumbo Kingdom is known as one of the city’s prime attractions ever since it opened its doors for business in 1976. It is highly recommended by the locals as diners are treated to a scrumptious feast in the atmosphere of a typical Chinese palace.

To reach the restaurant, guests can take Bus 70 bound for Aberdeen from the Exchange Square Terminus.  From here, proceed to cross the expressway via the underground tunnel and turn right towards the docks to catch a free boat ride to Jumbo Kingdom.  Alternatively, tourists can arrange for cab service directly with the front desks of the hotels in Hong Kong for a fuss-free transport.

Chiang Mai Floating Restaurant (Thailand)

The Chiang Mai Floating Restaurant is a favourite lunch stop not only among foreigners but also, most noticeably, among locals. Fantastic Thai dishes that are offered at astonishingly affordable prices and served in a cozy setting.

Upon entering the premises, guests are escorted to vacant tables in any of the dining areas – the open-air area and the covered area.  The open area is usually preferred because of the view of the large ponds, rows of trees, and vast fields.  Attendants distribute 2 kinds of menus, a short English menu and a longer Thai menu.  It is better to ask the locals for help when ordering as the Thai menu is highly recommended due to obvious reasons.

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Kuala Terengganu Floating Restaurant (Malaysia)

The Kuala Terengganu Waterfront is a recreational area breathtakingly landscaped by the government to improve tourism.  A popular landmark here is the Kuala Terengganu Floating Restaurant which is built on stilts above water.

Dishes served from the kitchen are the best cuisines known in the different provinces of Malaysia.  Aside from mouthwatering inexpensive food, patrons can also take pleasure in the view of the various boats that cruise along the Terengganu River.

Saigon Restaurant Cruise Ship (Vietnam)

The Saigon Restaurant Cruise Ship is a triple-decker floating restaurant that has a sitting capacity for 600 people.  It perfect for tourists who like to escape the chaotic traffic buzz in the city and at the same time have a delicious dinner in a relaxing setting.

Those who get to try this restaurant rave about the dishes and the quality entertainment offered here.  There are guest live bands that rotate each night.  If lucky, diners are even occasionally treated to circus shows.

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Loboc River Floating Restaurant (Philippines)

A trip to the province of Bohol in the Philippines is never complete without trying the extraordinary Loboc River Floating Restaurant.  There are close to a hundred restaurants that run up and down the river.  Rates may differ based on the tour package and the number of dishes offered in the buffet spread.  Each ride lasts close to 1 hour.

Both the buffet and music start as soon as the boat takes off.  Dishes are usually Filipino chows and delicacies.  Halfway through the cruise, the boat docks beside a floating raft occupied by youngsters playing different musical instruments.  Some groups even add an engaging native dance performance for the diners.  Young kids from the town sometimes put on a show for crossing boats.  They gamely climb large coconut trees that hang over the river and dive in the water close to the floating restaurant.

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