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Celebrating the Month of June

May 31st, 2008 by

The month of June is coming soon! Don’t miss out on important holidays, festivals and events.children.JPG


International Children’s Day – Cambodia, China, Laos, North Korea, Vietnam, Australia

There’s a day for the little ones all over the world! Other countries celebrate International Children’s Day during different days but many do on June 1. On this date, there are a lot of fun activities especially held for the young. Have fun, kids!

Dayak Festival – Malaysia

This is a time of celebration because the rice harvest has been completed. In merriment, marriages and unions are forged and events like shows, dancing, music, food and drink are held.

National Tree Planting Day – Cambodia

This is a good day for environmentalists, people with a love for planting, the Cambodian residents and of course the trees.

Reconciliation Week – Australia

Reconciliation Week starts from May 27 and lasts until June 3. This is a week to commemorate the historical events where the Australians make their apologies towards their indigenous brothers, the Aborigines, whom they have treated unfairly during the past.

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Asian Fruits: Free Trips for your Tastebuds

May 22nd, 2008 by

Amazing Asia is home to over 400 species of edible fruit. Want to send your tastebuds on a journey? Gathered from the forests and farms of beautiful Asia, these savory fruits are ready for the tasting!

Green MangoesMANGO

By now, you may have tasted a luscious mango because this is one of the most widely eaten fruits from the tropics. Asian mangoes may range from yellow to pale green, and what’s likeable about this fruit is that it’s yummy when both ripe and unripe. To eat, cut the mango into three tasty parts by slicing lengthwise around the big seed. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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Dining out Korean Style

May 16th, 2008 by

Tired of the usual burgers and fries? Why not dine Korean style? Korean cuisine is noted for its bold flavor, unique taste and exotic recipes. If you want to get a taste of Korea, read on for some spicy bites to sizzle up your appetite:

Korean food

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Sagada: Where Heaven Meets Earth

May 8th, 2008 by


Sagada…….a breathtaking place where the sky kisses the earth. Located at 5,000 feet above sea level in the Cordillera mountain range of Luzon in the Philippines, it is far, far up from the smog and the noise of the cities below. This little Shangri-la is a tourist’s favorite, since it is not as crowded as Baguio City yet the cool weather and the plush scenery is just as pleasing. It is also famous for its world-renowned hanging coffins, 60 underground caves and charming waterfalls.

How to Get There

You could reach this mountain-top town in two ways: from Baguio, take a bus going to Sagada and pass through Mt. Halsema Express. It will take 6-7 hours, but along the way you would pass Benguet and the Chico River. From Banaue, you will take 2 jeepney rides and the trip will take 2-3 hours. During that time, you would pass Bontoc and get a view of the Banaue Rice Terraces, dubbed as the eight wonder of the world.

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It’s Fine Trying Out Some Strine

May 1st, 2008 by

Suppose you find yourself in the lucky country of Oz with all that slippery slang. If you don’t want to be treated like a Seppo who’s a chop short of a barbie, no worries mate! I’ll give you the drum so you could chew the fat with the blokes and sheilas like fair dinkum Aussie.


Australian slang (strine) is easy to understand – it is either a shortening of words like chokkie for chocolate, a rhyme (noah’s ark is shark), or a reversal (a bluey is a redhead). They could also be a reference to places, people, and things (Buckley’s chance – reference to the store Buckleys & Nunn – which rhymes with ‘none’). Or they could be invented just for the fun of it (woop woop – an imaginary remote place that’s never been heard before). Read on and enjoy!

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Hot Spots to Cool Down this Summer

April 25th, 2008 by

Cravin’ for some cool livin’? Drop by at the beautiful mountains of the PhilippinesBaguio City!

Banaue Rice TerracesLocated at 5,000 feet above sea level and with mild temperatures ranging from 9 o – 28o C (48o – 82o F) , this city is called the ‘summer capital’ of the Philippines because people climb to the city to escape the summer heat.

Imagine this: the cool breeze ruffling your hair as you drive by the roads of the mountainside. You gaze at the blue skies with low fluffy clouds above you. All around are fragrant pine trees and flowers of all the colors of a rainbow.

Nice isn’t it?

Well then, take it all in as you visit the many parks and places that abound this little paradise. (No need to fret too much; hail a taxi, tell the name of the place and they’ll take you there.)

But First: How to Get to Baguio

The trip to get to your destination matters. You could choose to go by bus, by air, or by car, depending on your taste and temperament.

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