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Best Places To Buy Electronics In Singapore

March 27th, 2009 by

Sim Lim SquareOne of the things that tourists like to do in Singapore is shop – shop for electronics, that is!  There are quite a number of places that sell electronic items and these shops are very accessible wherever you are coming from in Singapore.

Here is a list of the best places in Singapore where you can shop for electronics:


Anyone could easily tell at the top of their head that Sim Lim Square is definitely a favorite when it comes to hunting for computers and electronics in Singapore.

It is pretty easy to get to Sim Lim Square.  One can simply hail a taxi cab from your hotel like the Amara Hotel Singapore.  You can just tell the driver to head to “Sim Lim Square.”  All taxi cab drivers in Singapore know this commercial center.   Other than riding taxi cabs, the establishment can be reached by taking several buses.  If by MTR, one can stop at the Bugis Station and walk to Rocher Road until the Fu Lu Shou Building.  Of course, taking a cab would be so much easier.

Starting from the first level of Sim Lim Square, shortly after entering the front doors, one will be immediately greeted by a huge line up of stores that sell different kinds of electronic products from computer accessories, television sets, video cameras, digital cameras, and many others.  These types of consumer electronics are sold mostly at the first level up to the second level of the establishment.

It is important to be very careful when dealing with the different vendors here most especially those who sell appliances like the television sets.  Even several locals would warn tourists that several shop owners here are quite crooked in the way they conduct business. It is best to look around first, compare prices and packages before actually buying anything to make sure that you get the best bargains and your money’s worth.

Even with the unavoidable presence of unscrupulous vendors, a lot of people still head to Sim Lim Square because this place is undeniably a shopping heaven.  Stores are primarily known for the different computer parts and accessories.  The trick is really to go up to the higher floors like the third, fourth or fifth levels where there are rows and rows of stalls that sell computer hardware.  The different items that are sold here include CD – Rom Drives, monitors, motherboards, graphics cards, CPUs, and DVD Drives, among others.  There are also customers who come to Sim Lim Square to ask sellers to prepare a customized personal computer set.


Funan Digitalife MallMost people would describe the Funan IT Mall as being a lot more upscale than Sim Lim Square.  Given this reputation, it is safe to assume that most products that are sold or displayed here are those that are patronized more by upper markets and tastes.  You can also expect to see prices that are higher by a couple of dollars compared to its competing markets and establishments.

Electronic items that can be found here are your usual computers, laptops, video recorder, digital cameras, and accessories just to mention a few.  But primarily, the Funan Center is known for being able to serve requirements for computer set ups and parts because it is overflowing with computer shops up to the top-most floors.

So if you are looking for higher end units like MAC or IPODS or the latest pen drives then you should definitely go to the Funan Center because by reputation shops here are legitimate distributors of these units plus corresponding


Great World City Shopping CenterAnother treasure trove for electronic finds would have to be the Great World City Shopping Market.  This shopping mall actually consists of a total of 6 floors that are occupied by offices, service apartments and shopping center.  It is located on the Singapore River at Central Singapore specifically beween Kim Seng and Zion Roads.

This shopping center has its own collection of shops that sell almost every kind of gadget that any techie will ever desire.  Gadgets or electronic items that are sold here include mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, computer parts and accessories, memory cards, IPODS, digital cameras, video recorders and appliances among others.

Since the Great World City is a shopping center then electronic items are not the only things that you can find here.  Its three floors are occupied by shops hat sell clothes under international brands like Zara, leather goods, plus other accessories that you can purchase at bargain prices as well.   Some visitors of this shopping center can also catch a blockbuster movie after shopping.

So head to Singapore and make yourself happy with perhaps the latest laptop model or the latest digital camera.  These items could have equivalent price tags but your happiness is definitely priceless :)


Sim Lim Square
Address:  Block 1 Rochor Canal Road, Singapore 188504
Contact Number:  + 65 6338 3859

Great World City Shopping Center
Address:  1 Kim Seng Promenade #05-02, Singapore, 237994
Contact Number:  +65 6733 2822

Funan DigitaLife Mall

Address:  109 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179097
Contact Number:  +65 6336 8327

6 Responses to “Best Places To Buy Electronics In Singapore”

  1. herbie Says:

    Singapore is a really great place to shop electronics.

  2. Ikai Says:

    Do you think I can save up if I buy electronics in Sing? I heard electronics and other gadgets are also cheaper in HK =)

  3. holidayguru Says:

    There’s this giant electronics store in Liang Court Shopping Centre (near Clarke Quay) that I went to during my stay in Singapore. It’s called Audio House , and it has really good stuff there. Lots of electronics and my fav – hifi stuff. Prices are better – when compared with the rest of the shops i came across in Singapore.

    It’s especially convenient if you stay near clark quay (i was at novotel). The staff there recommended me to drop by there.

  4. Patrick Says:

    I want to buy an handheld anemometer but have no idea where to go to find it. I need urgent reply bcs. I will come to Singapore in two day and will stay there one day only.
    Help is appreciated

  5. Budi Maryanto Says:

    how much is ipad price in singapore? and where to get the best deal of ipad?

  6. Martin Elijah Says:

    Best Electronic Products is a online electronics company offering you with a complete array of electronic gadgets for your requirements.

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