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Where Not To Go in Bangkok

May 6th, 2011 by

Tourists are always reminded to take extra precaution when visiting new countries and unfamiliar destinations. Cultures will be different and there will be the usual fear of being taken advantage of. Because of this, it is a good idea to conduct some research prior to one’s trip.

Photo credit

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is no different. Overall, the huge metropolis is a safe play but still, there are some areas that can be unsafe for tourists – or anyone for that matter. Concierges at hotels in Bangkok can be a huge help in this regard but in the meantime, check out a few infamous areas in the city.

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Top 20 Beach Hotels in Thailand

April 13th, 2011 by

Do not even ponder a trip to Thailand without so much as a cursory gander at our list of the top 20 beach hotels in the country. From Krabi to Phuket, Pattaya to Hua Hun, this line-up of hot resorts is must-see stuff.

Hat Ton Sai - Photo credit

Sofitel Centara Grand Resort & Villas Hua Hin

Romance on the Gulf of Thailand comes in many forms but few as spectacular as the Sofitel Centara Grand Resort & Villas Hua Hin. Colonial era architecture, impeccable service and plush privacy round out the premier property.

Yaiya Boutique Resort Hua Hin

A boutique beach resort par excellence, the Yaiya combines stylish décor and smart service to provide a sumptuous Hua Hin experience.

Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa Hua Hin

A star property in the ample Sheraton arsenal, this Hia Hin gem is a popular deluxe choice on the Gulf of Thailand. Read the rest of this entry »

Guide to Songkran Festival Thailand

April 8th, 2011 by

Visit Thailand this April and beat the heat by getting soaked to the skin. How? Songkran Festival!

Songkran is a Sanskrit word which means “passing through” and refers to the sun’s passing into Aries. Basically, Songkran is the celebration of the New Year in Thailand. It’s also referred to as the Water Splashing Festival.  The specific dates vary but generally the festival takes place the first two weeks of April.

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The festival is an opportunity for Thais to strengthen bonds with peers, colleagues, neighbors and their Buddhist faith. It’s a time to set new resolutions and correct all past bad conduct. At the start of the first day, Songkran adherents visit different wats to offer prayers and food to the monks.

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Find Valentine’s Day Romance in Thailand

February 11th, 2011 by

Thailand is a top destination in Asia for tourists the world over. With love in the air in advance of Valentine’s Day, a lot of couples are expected to head to this culture-rich country for an unforgettable romantic getaway. From quiet dinners to river cruises, thrilling mountain treks to sultry beaches, Thailand is sure to respond in kind.

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Here is a list of some fantastic places in Thailand where lovebirds can spend a lot of quality time together and steal some sweet smooches by a breathtaking sunset.

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Four Awesome New Year’s Eve Events In Thailand

December 21st, 2010 by

Thailand will accept any excuse to party, and even the Western New Year of 2011 is good enough for clubs, malls and hotels to break out into festival mode, enticing both local and foreign celebrants to cheer on the incoming year with music, food and merriment. If you find yourself in Thailand on the eve of December 31 this year, you can party at one of these events.

Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

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Celebrate River Kwai Bridge Week

November 16th, 2010 by

Made famous by the 1957 war movie The Bridge on the River Kwai, the actual bridge built by World War II Allied prisoners is a memorial to the Death Railway of the Japanese empire. Located in Thailand’s third biggest province of Kanchanaburi, this bridge is now the center of a series of festivities that highlights the history surrounding this landmark.

River Kwai Bridge

Photo courtesy of moohaha.

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A Stop in Bangkok’s Chinatown

October 29th, 2010 by

I have to admit that wherever I visit, it is quite foreseeable that I will go out of my way to visit the local Chinatown.  Primarily because of my roots and heritage, I like to see how different Chinese communities thrive in various cultures and regions.  This ongoing fascination got the best of me during my last visit to Bangkok.

Photo credit

According to local tour guides, the roots of the Chinese community at large in Bangkok can be traced to mass migration in the wake of the Communist Revolution. Most of the first Chinese settlers were traders who continued to practice on foreign soil. The first few Chinese groups settled on Ko Ratanakosin and eventually moved to the Yaowarat District back in 1783. Presently, the Chinese community is working hard to preserve their culture, identity, and traditions despite Bangkok’s modernization.

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Float Your Troubles Away During Loy Krathong

October 19th, 2010 by

Loy Krathong is a nationwide festival in Thailand, and is celebrated by floating constructs of leaves, candles and offerings along rivers, streams and waterways. Learn more about “The Festival of Lights” before heading out to float your own water lantern.

Loy Krathong

Photo courtesy by Back to Nothing.

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Top 10 Outstanding Beach Resorts in Thailand

October 6th, 2010 by

Thailand is a tourism tour de force with culture and charisma galore. Close to 15 million people visit the Kingdom every year – 10 million visit dynamic Bangkok alone – to take in a formidable array of attractions. From UNESCO World Heritage Sites to ancient Buddhist landmarks, lush highlands to national parks, Thailand is superb.

The siren call of paradisal tropical islands however, is perhaps the most coercive lure at Thailand’s disposal. With this precisely in mind, the people behind the annual HotelClub Awards set out to identify and honour the top 10 beach resorts in the Southeast Asian nation. Check out the notable finalists and winners.

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Off the Beaten Path: Kanchanaburi, Thailand

June 30th, 2010 by

Travelers touring Thailand tend to hop from major city to major city, paying very little attention to the villages that exist in between. This is, especially in the case of Kanchanaburi, a huge mistake.


The town of Kanchanaburi is small, and is located a few hours west of the city of Bangkok. Travelers tend to pass Kanchanaburi when they leave Bangkok to visit either the northern city of Chaing Mai or the islands. Read the rest of this entry »

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