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Charismatic Caleruega

January 29th, 2010 by

I love road trips.  Road trips can bring you to far-off places and can inspire spontaneity in anyone.  In these trips, people can discover a lot of things about themselves and realize traveling off the beaten path has its own advantages and thrills.

Welcome to Caleruega

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned that a lot of people in the Philippines enjoy going on a road trip to Tagaytay given that it is very accessible to the country’s capital – Manila.  For just a little under two hours, one can enjoy serene surroundings, cascading green landscapes and a refreshingly cool breeze high up on elevated ground.  But some of those who have been to Tagaytay multiple times opt to go the further mile and travel for a bit more to yet another fantastic road trip destination called CALERUEGA!

It is easy to get to Caleruega.  For a first time visitor, one can bring a car and drive South via the South Luzon Superhighway and take the Sta Rosa exit.  Drive some more to reach the city of Tagaytay and turn right upon reaching the rotunda.  From here, one simply has to drive straight and follow the signs leading to the town of Nasugbu in Batangas. For travelers who prefer to take public transportation, once can proceed to a bus station and ride any bus that is bound for Nasugbu, Calatagan or even Balayan in Batangas.  Inform the bus driver’s assistant that you will be getting off at Evercrest in Batulao (Nasugbu, Batangas).  From Evercrest, you can ride on a motorbike and ask to be dropped off at Caleruega.

I have been to Caleruega twice already.  During my first trip, my family was then vacationing in Tagaytay and wanted to explore nearby places of interests.  We were staying then at the Taal Vista Hotel and asked the concierge if they can recommend another place that we could visit for the afternoon.  They gladly suggested that we drive a few more minutes to Caleruega.  The second time around, my partner and I were on a road trip and wanted to see where the wind would lead us.

Corridors of Caleruega

Caleruega is like a different dimension.  The place exudes a different kind of serenity and appeal that will immediately attract anyone – both young and old.  Prior to both of my visits, I have already seen such breathtaking photos of this place that only heightened my anticipation.

What exactly is Caleruega?

Some would say that it can be likened to just any attraction that you visit once, twice or a couple of times in your life.  It provides that perfect backdrop and ambiance for souvenir photos that will eventually be stored in printed and online photo albums.

The Transfiguration Chapel

For couples, Calaruega is the exquisite setting for a dream wedding.  The Transfiguration Chapel is capable of accommodating up to one hundred fifty people.  This chapel is located at the highest point of Caleruega and erected in a pretty impressive and proud position.  Based on the brochures given at the Information Desk, the façade is actually a reproduction of the chapel that can be found in Caleruega, Spain.  Almost all elements included in the chapel like the shape of the roof, the stained glass, seven grapevines on the steel doors, the altar, the tabernacle, images of the birds carved on the communion table, and many others symbolize a lot teachings and elements included in the Christian faith.  There are even bible passages that support these symbolisms.  The chapel is very ideal for small and intimate weddings.  The bride, even with a short aisle for the wedding march, can enjoy walking up the long concrete patch towards the chapel.   From this vantage point, the bride can have a marvelous view of the entire Caleruega grounds that are set in lush trees and a wide selection of colorful flowers.

Caleruega is also a favorite venue for retreats or some soul searching.  The place is very tranquil that it will not be difficult to get in touch with one’s inner thoughts and feelings.  Big groups who hold retreats at Caleruega can utilize the different halls for sessions namely the Veritas Hall (200 seat capacity) and the Gazekubo (50 seat capacity).  There are also dormitories for men and women plus a dining hall called the Refectory Hall (200 seat capacity).  Aside from the dormitories, there are also family rooms and cottages from groups who prefer a bit of privacy.

As for me, Caleruega is like a secret garden.  It is a place that you so long seek and yet difficult to find.  But once you find it, you will hold it close to your heart.  Visit the place and you will be surrounded by a certain charisma that will draw you to it each and every time.   True to their promise, this is where one will feel CLOSE TO NATURE AND CLOSER TO GOD.

Address:  Calaruega Philippines – Barangay Kaylaway, Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas
E-mail Address:
Telephone Number:  (043) 706 0348

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  1. Ms K Says:

    Thanks for posting this Kitci. I’ve heard about Caleruega and wondered how I can get there. This is very helpful!!! Keep on posting those travel tips, okay!!!

  2. ms simple-beauty Says:

    the place indeed is a nice destination. do you know mass schedule in the church during weekdays?

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