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7 Amazing Chinese Amusement Parks

December 30th, 2009 by

Roller coaster and thrill ride lovers around the world are constantly seeking the next great adventure ride. While some countries are devoid of amusements others are overflowing and you might just find a fun and exciting amusement park in a place you least expect – including throughout a number of amazing Chinese cities.

0515 - China - Bike Trip - Park - Ride

Here are just a few of the fun amusement parks you’ll find in China!

7. Chimelong Water Park – Chimelong

chimelong water park04

The Chimelong Water Park in China is considered one of the most technologically advanced water parks in the entire world. With more than 400,000 square meters of land, the park offers visitors from around the world a wide variety of slides, pools, and attractions to choose from.

Their advanced water filtration system is considered one of the best in existence when it comes to killing germs and keeping visitors safe and clean.

6. Window of the World – Shenzhen


The window of the world amusement park is a large park that consists solely of reproductions of some of the most famous sites in the world. Almost all are built at a 1:5 or 1:15 ratio, making it easy for you to explore the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Eiffel Tower from Europe, or the Roman Colosseum without leaving China. As a matter of fact, by visiting Window of the World you’ll have an opportunity to see world attractions you may never get to see in real life, from around the globe, all in one trip.

5. Beijing Amusement Park – Beijing


The Beijing Amusement Park is perhaps one of the most visited amusement theme parks in China. Aside from having dozens of fun amusement rides and shows, the park has several sections dedicated to the understanding of area culture as well. Visit during Gold Week to experience a fun Chinese carnival atmosphere or join in during Fiesta times for tons of cultural parades, dances, and entertaining shows. There’s something for everyone at the Beijing Amusement Park.

4. Merryland – Guilin

yeah!!this was de nices at this merryland!!

Merryland is yet another interesting Chinese theme park, although it’s more like a resort complex than a stand-alone amusement park. The park features a 5-star hotel, an 18-hole golf course, a holiday village for shopping, and an exciting 90-hectare theme park filled with rides and attractions. Merryland is fun for the entire family.

3. Jumbo Kingdom – Hong Kong

Jumbo floating restaurant, (front view) Hong Kong Harbor

Jumbo Kingdom is a unique amusement area located within the Melco Leisure & Entertainment Unit. Located at Aberdeen Harbour, Jumbo Kingdom features a number of top-notch restaurants, cultural attractions, and historic sites. Jumbo Kingdom isn’t packed with thrill rides or gaudy shows. The children may want to stay home.

2. Hong Kong Disneyland – Hong Kong

Hong Kong DISNEYLAND Happy New 2008 Year Fun, New Years Day!

There’s no need to travel to the United States to experience the magic of Disney. Hong Kong Disneyland is located about a half hour away from the center of the city and is easily accessible by either car or mass transit. Hong Kong Disneyland features a number of standard Disney attractions, spectacular themed restaurants, and all of your favorite Disney rides and shows. Visit during the holiday season to see the park decorated like a magical winter wonderland.

1. Ocean Park – Hong Kong


The Ocean Park Amusement park is located in the southern section of Hong Kong. The park features a number of incredible aquatic attractions as well as thrilling amusement rides and roller coasters. Easily accessible by bus, the park features a number of incredibly entertaining shows, fun educational events, and incredible Asian animals. This park is a must-see for anyone spending time in Hong Kong.

Want to take a break from your standard cultural tours on your next trip to China? Ask the concierge at your Hong Kong hotel for directions, take a day or two to visit one of these fun amusement parks, and enjoy. These parks are more fun than you could ever imagine!

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