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Coron Is Paradise On Earth Part 1

April 21st, 2009 by

Busuanga is in the island of Palawan in the Philippines. Palawan is locally considered as the last frontier of the Philippines mainly because it is blessed with virgin beaches and pristine waters that are home to the most colourful corals and fishes that one can only sometimes see in picture books. A very short plane right brought us to the newly opened Busuanga Airport. Our shuttle pick up service met us outside of the airport to bring us to our destination, Coron.

Sunset at Mt Tapyas

On the first day of our vacation, we left early for the Coron Public Market to shop for seafood that we can ask the Coron Village Lodge to cook for us at a minimal cooking charge.  But unfortunately, it seemed that a lot of people from the city planned on doing the same thing.  The wet market was practically empty.  It was by chance that we saw a vendor of clams which we immediately purchased for our lunch.  After our market date, we also decided to start with our souvenir shopping while we still has ample space in our luggage bags.  We bought a couple of kilos of dried fish (also at the Coron Public Market) that was highly recommended by the locals. The dried fish vendor even offered to pack our goods in a carton so that it would be easier for us to check in our luggage.  Aside from dried fish, we also purchased a couple of packs of roasted cashew nuts from the most popular cashew store in town and other stuff like key chains, magnets, shirts from various souvenir shops.

Coron Souvenirs

The following day, we decided to climb all 700+ steps of Mt Tapyas, the most famous mountain on Coron.  We asked our guide, Arjel, for suggestions as to where we can view the best sunset of Coron.  He answered that we should definitely go to Mt. Tapyas where the best sunrise and sunset can be seen.  Since it was already 4:30 at that time, we immediately left for Mt. Tapyas to try to catch the perfect moment when the sky is colored bright orange and is slowly enveloped by darkness.  We both realized as we started going up the steps of Mt. Tapyas that we were really out of shape as we had to pause for a while to catch our breaths after climbing about 10 or so steps.  But Arjel was definitely right when he said the view on top of the mountain, where a huge cross is erected, would be worth the sore feet and every drop of sweat.  The view of Coron at the top of Mt. Tapyas during sunset is an awe inspiring and peaceful sight.

Sunrise at Lambingan Bridge

Since we already got to catch a captivating sunset at Mt. Tapyas, the next item in our checklist was to capture a stunning sunrise.  Again, based on recommendations from friends at the Coron Village, we woke up at around 5:00 am the following morning to head to the Lambingan Bridge.   It was still quite dark when we reached the place and the only sounds that we could hear was the gentle splashing of the waves against the bridge.   It didn’t take long before we got to witness the faintest light coming from the top of the mountains and slowly lighted the entire pier.  Although the sunrise at the Lambingan Bridge was not as striking as the sunset at Mt Tapyas, it was still an unforgettable experience.

But what we were really looking forward to would have to be the island hopping tours and our visit to the beaches of Coron.  We were scheduled to on a Coron Island Tour the following day to visit the Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, and Siete Pecados among others.  But then again, that is another exciting story altogether.

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