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Coron Is Paradise On Earth Part 2

April 28th, 2009 by

The first part of our trip to Coron has been quite an experience and we haven’t even visited the beach yet.  We had an incredible time catching the glorious sunset at Mt Tapyas, buying souvenirs and other delicacies from the Coron Public Market, and capturing the majestic sunrise on Lambingan Bridge.

On the day of our scheduled tour, we had our usual morning breakfast of delicous danggit (a kind of dried salted fish) which we enjoyed together with fried rice and perfectly done sunny-side-up eggs.  At around 8:30 am, our tour guide Arjel loaded our picnic basket to our shuttle service then we left for the pier located at the back of  the Coron Public Market.  We met our designated boatmen also at the pier.

Kayangan Lake

Our first stop was the Kayangan Lake.  We had to travel by boat for about thirty minutes to reach the entry point of the lake.  The sea water that welcomed us was very clear and was colored emerald green.  The limestone formations that we saw at the welcome passage to the lake were the very same limestone formations that one would usually see on Palawan postcards that are being sold in local bookstores.  So you can just imagine our excitement when we saw the view.  When we got off our boat, we paid for the entrance fee then proceeded to climb one hundred steps to the top then we had to go down another hundred.  Then we saw the lake.  The water was so inviting and the perfect solution to the sweltering summer heat.  True enough, the water was cool and the view was amazing.  We even got the chance to enter a cave and enjoy the different stalagmites and stalactites that have formed all these years.

Barracuda Lake

From the Kayangan Lake, we hopped over to Barracuda Lake.  According to Arjel, the lake was named Barracuda Lake because a skeleton of a big Barracuda was found in the lake.  Unfortunately, it was very difficult to reach the Barracuda Lake.  For one, we had to go up a wooden ladder and then step on pointed and sharp rocks just to reach the mouth of the lake.  Our two companions backed out when they saw the uneven rock formations that we had to step on and climb on.  My partner and I continued.  When we reached the lake, we were surprised to learn that most of the visitors of the lake then were scuba divers who were exploring the lake’s bottom.  We didn’t want to disturb their exploration so we just took some photos then headed back to the boat.

Twin Lagoons

The next stop in our itinerary was what locals called the Twin Lagoons.  This attraction was called the Twin Lagoons because one has to go to the first lagoon then swim underneath a two feet long rock formation in order reach the second lagoon. During low tide, one would be able to see the second lagoon through an opening underneath the rock formation but during high tide, water will be covering the passageway.   There are a lot of colourful fishes in the lagoon.  Even if both lagoons actually look the same, it is still a different thrill going underwater to find a somewhat secret lagoon on the other side.

From the Twin Lagoons, it would also be nice to experience diving in the middle of the sea and being surrounded by the magical islands called Siete Pecados.  According to a legend, there were seven brothers who were sailing when suddenly they found themselves in a sea storm.  The storm was too strong that they were engulfed by a whirlpool.  After seven days, the people of Palawan were surprised when seven islands appeared on the very same spot where the seven brothers were taken by the sea.  These seven islands are now called Siete Pecados.  Tourists visit Siete Pecados to snorkel and marvel at the rich coral system in the area.  This is a must-do for all visitors of Coron.

Another island that is worthy of a visit is Calumbuyan Island. The boat trip to this island from the town proper of Coron is about one hour.  Boats can be rented at the pier which is located at the back of the Coron Public Market.  The rental rate is about P 2500 to 3500 for the whole day.  Make the most of your bargaining powers when talking to the boatmen.  It was a smooth trip to Calumbuyan Island.  When you reach the island, you will immediately notice the strong current.  But the water is very clear and the corals are so thick that they are already very close to the shore.  Visitors of the island usually arrive at around lunch time to enjoy their packed meals there.  But what really caught my attention in the island, aside from the rich corals, are the different colored stones that have been washed up to shore.  I was fascinated so much with the stones that I chose a few to bring home with me as souvenirs.  I plan to have them made into a bracelet to remind me of our brief stay at Calumbuyan Island.

Siete Pecados Corals

We had to wake up early the following day for our flight back home. As I was seated comfortably inside the plane, all the amazing things that we got to see and experience during our trip flashed back in my mind. I remembered the lovely people of Coron  and the reliable boatmen who held our hands and showed us all the pretty corals while in the water.  I recalled the time when we had to climb all seven hundred plus steps just to reach Mt Tapyas and how the astounding view took  our breaths away.  The memories of the astonishing waters of Calumbuyan Island were in my mind when the plane took off from the runway.

It is true what most people say about Coron that when you have been to Coron, you experience a bit of paradise and you come back a different person.  Visit Coron and you will never be the same again.

NOTE:  Tourists in the Philippines can stay in any of the reputable hotels like the Ascott Makati Serviced Residence Manila.  From the capital city of Manila, one can take a domestic flight to Busuanga and travel by land for about an hour to reach Coron Town.

5 Responses to “Coron Is Paradise On Earth Part 2”

  1. Ikai Wong Says:

    Ditto Kitci! This is really paradise on earth! Coron is now definitely on top of my list! And I would also have to agree with Jacques Cousteau, a French explorer and conservationist, when he said that Palawan was the most beautiful place he ever explored. =P

  2. herbie Says:

    This is a really a wonderful place to visit.

  3. monk Says:

    sounds nice :D

  4. violeta leuterio Says:

    great place! funtastic! truly, a paradise on earth! agree to that!

  5. Bel Says:

    I keep hearing wonderful reviews about this island in Palawan, I’ve been here in Singapore for so long that I just can’t wait to go home and expolre the rest of the Philippines again. This is definitely on my list, thanks for the awesome review!

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