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Delicacies To Enjoy In Cebu

March 26th, 2010 by

The people in the Philippines always look forward to Holy Week.  For one, it is those rare times in a year when there are a couple of days declared as non-working holidays.  In short, it is the perfect time to travel plus have that much deserved rest and relaxation.  This year, Holy Week will start on the 28th March which is referred to as Palm Sunday.  The holidays will start on Maundy Thursday (April 1) until Easter Sunday (April 4).

Dried Fish at the Taboan Market  Photo by:  theshutterbugs

It is also this time when most airline tickets get sold out and room accommodations sell like hotcakes.  Booking a vacation during these days is the perfect way to kick off a series of summer escapades.  One of the favorite destinations for these getaways would have to be Cebu.

Cebu is known for its tagline of being the “Queen City of the South.”  It is a very famous province in the Philippines wherein Cebu City is the capital.  The other cities are Lapu Lapu City, Madaue City, Talisay City, and Danao City.  It is home to the second busiest airport in the Philippines, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport.  People flock to Cebu because of its interesting sights and its pristine white sand beaches.

As for me, Cebu is close to my heart not only because of its wonderful attractions.  I will always be fond of Cebu also because of its really tasty delicacies.  Just thinking of these delicacies are enough to make my mouth water.

The first on my list is OTAP.  Otap is a crunchy oval-shaped biscuit that is rather flaky when you take a bite.  My friends from Cebu told me that the Otap is made from a mixture of flour, shortening, coconut and sugar.  I like my otap nicely and perfectly covered with white sugar granules.  I also think that eating an otap is quite challenging most especially since fragments of the biscuit would surely break off.  These flakes can be quite stubborn to remove from your carpeted floor.  Try Otap with your tea or your favorite coffee for that perfect afternoon snack.

Cebu is also known for its overflowing supply of those yummy DRIED MANGOES.  It is good for you since dried mangoes are made from the actual fruit. There are two kinds – dried yellow mangoes and dried green mangoes.  Both are yellowish in color and have a meaty and translucent appearance.  No matter which kind you decide to feast on, you are assured of one chewy treat that you can enjoy both as a snack or as an after dinner dessert. The best part is, these dried mangoes are packaged in small plastic bags and boxes so it is easy to carry around. Foreigners also have the tendency to hoard these dried mangoes and fill their suitcases to the brim.  I think it is also a good idea to give these away as gifts to your friends when you visit them in other countries.

Of course, one should never forget the famous DANGGIT, a particular kind of dried fish.  I usually go to the Tabo-an Market to purchase a wide assortment of dried goods.  Tabo-an is surely dried goods heaven – complete with crates and mounds of dried fish that would surely blow your mind.  Other stuff that are sold here include dried squid, dried shrimps, dried mussels, dried oysters and even dried fish bones!  But if I have limited baggage allowance, I opt to buy more of the danggit which I enjoy on my breakfast table.  I eat my fried danggit dipped in vinegar with garlic fried rice, half done eggs, sliced tomatoes and cup of freshly brewed coffee.  But even with a steaming cup of freshly brewed rice, danggit is still so yummy as long as I eat it with my bare hands and with a matching serving of local vinegar.  I must warn you, though, not to visit Tabo-an market if you have somewhere important to go to after.  A visit to the Tabo-an market will definitely leave you smelling like dried fish as well.

These are not the only delicacies that you can enjoy in Cebu.  I leave it to you to discover the others and have your very own food hunt.  Allow Cebu not only to leave a mark in your eyes but in your stomachs as well.  Happy eating!

Note:  Make sure to book a room in any of the reputable hotels in Cebu like the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers Cebu City.

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  1. Toni B. Says:

    Hmm… I’m now cravin for a snack… If u want to know for where to eat in cebu, me and my friends highly recommend Yummy Cebu – the online food platform for Cebu…

  2. Travel Guide Says:

    Whew! Is that Cebu City Philippines native delicacy? They look delicious…

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