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Dive into an Ocean of Adventure

May 2nd, 2008 by

Ocean Park

Ocean Park, one of the world’s greatest educational theme parks, is located in Aberdeen which is on the South side of Hong Kong island. A lot of people, including Hong Kong residents and tourists from all over the world, flock to this theme park each year making Ocean Park a favorite destination among tourists not only in Hong Kong but in the entire Asian region.Just like any other theme park, Ocean Park, offers a lot amenities and services such as Souvenir Shops, Food Kiosks/Restaurants, ATM machines, Animal Shows, Aquariums, Aviaries, Observation Towers, and a wide selection of heart-pounding rides. What makes it extraordinary is that the entire park is divided into two major areas – The Lowland Gardens and the Headland – which are connected by a Cable Car.


The Giant Panda Habitat

The Lowland may be accessed through the Ocean Park’s Main Entrance.

There are so many things to do at The Lowland Gardens. You can meet and greet the Giant Pandas — Le Le, Ying Ying, An An and Jia Jia at the Giant Panda Habitat and discover more about these adorable animals.

You can also explore the Amazing Amazon and watch the Amazing Birds Show. Get a feel of the jungle and have fun watching birds perform numerous tricks that will make you laugh your heart out. You will be amazed at how intelligent those birds can be.

Another park attraction that you must never miss is the ever-famous Cable Car. The ride to and from the Lowland and the Headland aboard the cable car is an exhilarating experience which one will not easily forget.

While you’re there, you might want to have your picture taken in front of a Cable Car as a souvenir!Ocean Park’s Cable Car Ride


On the other hand, The Headland may be accessed through the Tai Shue Wan entrance.

There are so many things to experience here as well. You can go and see the Sea Jelly Spectacular and be transported into a world filled with sea jellies. You’ll surely be astonished by their wondrous colors and glow-in-the-dark graceful forms.

Make sure to stroll by the Pacific Pier where you can watch sea lions and seals perform their underwater exhibitions from a specially designed gallery. Then check out the Atoll Reef where so many fish species including Sharks are studied.

If you just cannot get enough of Sharks then it is time to go shark-gazing at the Shark Aquarium. This is an underwater viewing tunnel wherein sharks and various ray species swim all around you literally!

The Ocean TheaterAnother must-see at Ocean Park is the fantastic Dolphins and Sea Lions Show at the Ocean Theater. Dolphins and Sea Lions perform tricks before an eager and cheering crowd. Just remember to go to the theatre early so as to get good seats.

From the Ocean Theater, you can hop aboard the Ocean Park Tower. Allow your eyes to feast on the breathtaking view of Ocean Park and the South China Sea from the top.

Daredevils can try out the heart-stopping Headland Rides and Adventure Land Rides like the Abyss Turbo Drop, The Dragon, Flying Swing, The Eagle, Crazy Galleon, Ferris Wheel, Mine Train, Space Wheel, and the Raging River. Headland Rides

That’s not all! In Ocean Park, you can also take part in their Dolphin Encounter Program. You can have a very rare chance to frolic with the uber cute Dolphins by joining them in the water. You can feed them, swim with them, and hug them all you want. Plus the experience will be preserved forever in a souvenir photo of you together with the Dolphins.

Yes, there are a lot to experience in Ocean Park that once you’re there you’ll realize that there is just so many things to do in so little time. The fun part is that as soon as you get hold of you Guide Map at the park entrance, you get to choose your own adventure.

So the next time you find yourselves in Hong Kong, get out of your hotel in Hong Kong and remember to take the plunge into an Ocean of Adventure in Ocean Park.

General Information:

Admission Price – Monday to Friday HK$ 70; Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays HK$ 80 (prices are good for one day)

Park Hours – 9:00am – 6:30pm

Where to Buy Tickets – General Admission tickets are available at the Ocean Park Main and Tai Shue Wan Entrances, the Citybus Bus Route 629 Terminal near Admiralty MTR (exit B), the MTR Travel Services Centre at MTR Admiralty Station and Ocean Park Online Ticketing System

For more information, please do visit Ocean Park’s Official Website:

15 Responses to “Dive into an Ocean of Adventure”

  1. Kuwahara Yami Says:

    wow pandas. cool.

  2. Falafel Says:

    i was at ocean park last year. it is great.

  3. Alex Says:

    My friend and I only had a limited time to stay in Hong Kong, and we had to choose between Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland. I wanted to go to Ocean Park, which was once featured in a Jackie Chan movie.
    We both ended up going to Disneyland.

    The next time I drop by Hong Kong, I’m going to Ocean Park!

  4. syeri Says:

    Looks like a very cool place. I guess it would be comparable to Singapore’s Sentosa.

  5. Kitci Wong Says:

    hi kuwahara! yup, pandas are really cool. it’s too bad that they are now highly endangered… we have to do something so that future generations can still enjoy them.

  6. Kitci Wong Says:

    hello falafel! ocean park is truly a great tourist destination in hong kong.

  7. Kitci Wong Says:

    hey alex! yes, you should also try ocean park. it’s a different adventure from hong kong disneyland. would love to hear about your adventures there.

  8. Kitci Wong Says:

    hi there syeri! you should go. i’m sure you’ll have loads of fun there!

  9. Beatrice Says:

    i haven’t been to ocean park in a very long time. your article is so interesting that now i want to go back to ocean park and re-live my childhood memories there. i look forward to reading more of your articles kitci!

  10. Ross Says:

    i love your pictures… most especially the shot of the headland rides!!!

  11. Karla Sandoval Says:

    I’m planning a trip to Hong Kong for the last quarter of this year.
    I’ll make sure to include Ocean Park in our itinerary.

  12. Have A Merry HoHoHo In Hong Kong Says:

    […] OCEAN PARK CHRISTMAS SENSATION (December 13 to January 4, 2009) – Spending Christmas will not be the same if you decide to spend it at Ocean Park. […]

  13. Savour The View From The Cable Rides Of Asia Says:


  14. Manila Ocean Park: Better Late Than Never Says:

    […] It is said that the Philippines is the center of Asia’s marine biodiversity, but it never had a world-class ocean park in the level of Japan, Singapore or Hong Kong. All that changed with the opening of Manila Ocean Park last February 2009, the first marine theme park to adopt a “fusion” concept, combining an oceanarium, a boutique hotel, mall, restaurants and open marine habitat, all in one complex. It is among the biggest and most advanced marine parks in the world, eclipsing its counterpart in Sentosa Island, Singapore and Hong Kong. […]

  15. Cassaundra Bookter Says:

    I will make sure and bookmark this page and be back to follow you more….
    Tona Bennison

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