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Spectacular Diving in Brunei Bay

March 10th, 2010 by

Are you someone who enjoys scouring the earth’s waters for spectacular diving opportunities? If so, you’re missing out on something amazing if you haven’t yet found your way to Brunei Bay.

Sipadan from boat

In an area filled with rigs, wrecks, and reefs you’ll find an incredible collection of aquatic wildlife you’ll wish you could visit with for hours.

Diving in Brunei Bay

Leaf Fish in Mabul Island, Borneo Sabah

Diving in Brunei Bay is an experience no diver will ever forget. The waters within the bay are, on average, 25 to 28 degrees Celsius (or 77 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the entire year. Most people choose to dive during the dry season, which lasts from March through November. During this time you won’t see as much runoff from coastal streams, which means it will be easier to see through the waters. You’ll also find that the waters are much calmer, easier for swimming and driving.

Hey!  There's a shark...and another one...and 25 turtles...

Brunei Bay is perfect for divers of all experience levels, from beginners to advanced divers. All dives are led by PADI certified tour guides and your own level of diving certification will determine which dives you can participate on.

Exploring the Wrecks beneath Brunei Bay

One of the most drawing attractions to the waters of Brunei Bay is the collection of ship wrecks beneath the surface. The wrecked vessels themselves are astounding but the marine ecosystem that has developed in, on, and around them is intriguing as well. Because of the delicacy of the wrecks and surrounding reefs, the area in and around Brunei Bay is off limits to commercial fishermen and their boats. Some of the most delicate areas have been surrounded by old rigs to keep the wrecks safe from fishing nets and equipment.

340 068

The wrecks, thankfully, aren’t limited to those with advanced PADI training. Because they range anywhere from 12 to 33 meters (or 39 to 108 feet) beneath the surface, divers with Open Water certificates can explore the ones at higher elevations while those with Advanced Open Water certificates are able to dive towards the sea floor to explore the wrecks further down.

Finding a Great Diving Tour in Brunei Bay

There are several incredible dive tour groups scattered throughout Borneo and the Brunei Bay area. Each has its own set of PADI certified instructors and is dedicated towards keeping you entertained and safe during your journey.

340 085

Intrepid Tours is a well-known tour group offering diving, sport fishing, and leisure tours through the bay and island area. Most of the diving and fishing tours last anywhere from 7-9 hours and include beverages, meals, snorkeling and diving gear, and fishing gear if you need it.

340 039

TNT Diventures specializes in a series of dives catered towards each particular wreck and reef in Brunei Bay. Depending on your level of PADI certification you’ll be able to visit the Cement Wreck, the American Wreck, the Blue Water wreck, the Pelong Rocks, Abana Reef, Pete’s Reef, Yuho Maru, or the oil rigs. The wrecks are beautiful and well worth the trip, regardless of which you visit.

340 007

There are several other dive groups throughout Brunei as well. Popular shops include the Continental Dive Shop, the Panaga Sub Aqua Club, the Brunei Sub Aqua Diving Club, and the Garrison Diving Club.

Book a Brunei hotel, pack your bags, grab a waterproof camera, and head towards Borneo for one of the most incredible experiences of your life. This is one diving trip you’ll always remember!

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