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The Best Eco-Friendly Hiking Trips through Nepal

December 10th, 2008 by

Nepal has long been a destination for travelers seeking adventure. Whether you’re a spiritualist looking for enlightenment or simply a die hard trekker looking for the next peak to conquer, Nepal has a wide variety of paths for you to follow.

Perhaps you are simply looking for a day trip off the beaten path, or maybe you desire a hiking path you can follow for days on end. Nepal has a variety of outdoor adventures that will not only serve your adventurous needs but benefit the environment as well. Here are a few of our favorites:

Nepal‘s New Mai Valley Trek

Travelers with a bit of time to spare will appreciate a 10 day hike through the foothills of the Himalayans. This particular trek was developed by a nonprofit group known as the Red Panda Project, working in conjunction with a tour group known as Sea and Sky Tour. Your path will take you throughout the Mai Valley in eastern Nepal while following the Singhalila ridgeline.

This is the perfect trip for anyone looking to for a unique travel experience. The trip involves at least 4 to 8 hours of hiking each day with overnight stays in tents, teahouses, and sometimes the homes of Nepali villagers. The tour guide company will cook hot meals each day, served in a heated tent and featuring both Western and Nepalese cuisine.

Your first destination, after a few days of hiking, will be the peaks of Santapur, standing at 12,000 feet. The Mai Valley trek crosses another route that carries travelers across the border into India. It is here that visitors can catch breathtaking views of both Mount Everest and Mount Kanchejunga.

The feature of the trek, of course, is the search for the mysterious red panda. The red panda is monitored closely by Nepali villagers, but is rarely seen in the wild. Consider yourself lucky if you are able to catch a glimpse of these incredible creatures!

Everest Base Camp

Climbing to the summit of Mount Everest is impossible for most, but many hikers and mountain climbers are willing to settle for the next best thing – a trip to the formal Mount Everest base camp which is situated at an elevation of 17,600 feet.

Your trek up the mountain will occur mostly within the confines of Sagarmatha National Park. It is here that you’ll get to see a wide variety of distinct animal species, including the monal pheasant, working yaks, and even wild mountain goats.

This trail is not for the faint of heart. Even though you aren’t even attempting the summit, the trail to the base camp is moderate to strenuous and you can expect to hike for anywhere from 6 to 8 hours each day. The tour group known as Himalayan Glacier Trekking, Ltd. guides most tours up Mount Everest and does everything possible to ensure the comfort of their travelers, regardless of the size of the group. Porters will carry your gear and ensure you are prepared for your overnight stays – all of which are in teahouses with heated dining rooms.

No-Trekking Adventures in Nepal

Perhaps hiking or trekking isn’t exactly your cup of tea. It’s still possible to take part in an eco-friendly trip without going on a hike. Myths and Mountains, Inc is a travel agency based out of Nevada (yes, in the USA) that specializes in a 14-day expedition through Nepal.

The company formed an organization known as READ Global, which builds libraries, and helps communities establish small businesses, medical clinics, and groups essential for the survival of a small city or town.

READ Expeditions start in Kathmandu and take travelers through Patan’s Dhurbar Squar, on a trip through Swayambunath (aka the monkey temple), and then fly you to the Annapurna mountain range in Pokhara. You’ll have the opportunity to tour some of the libraries built by READ Global while meeting locals and exploring the Royal Chitwan National Park.

This trip includes accommodations not in tents but in fine hotels and simple inns, depending on the town you are visiting. On this trip you can expect to walk for no more than four hours per day, but the option to ride a pony or take a taxi is yours as well.

Nepal offers a wide variety of incredible cultural experiences, whether you choose to travel with an eco-friendly tour group or on your own. The locals are friendly, the mountain paths are well marked, and hopefully you have plenty of film for your camera. Your trip to Nepal is one you’ll want to document and share!

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