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Fall In Love With The Waterfalls Of Asia

October 18th, 2008 by

Beautiful WaterfallNo portfolio of a nature photographer is complete with capturing the majestic beauty of waterfalls. The rush of water pouring into an emerald pool surrounded by greenery is the stuff that inspires zen gardens and nature walks. What’s best about these waterfalls in Asia is the occurrence of the monsoon season, when torrential rains turn the surge of water into a glorious spectacle of  nature’s fury.

Here are nine Asian Waterfalls to admire during your travels.

Shiraito Falls – the most famous waterfall in Japan, located in the lower slopes of Mount Fuji. Shiraito has been proclaimed as one of the most scenic waterfalls in the country. The best time to visit is during autumn, when the leaves in the enclosing forest are starting to change color.

Pagsanjan Falls – one of the big thrills of this falls in the Philippines is the journey by traditional bancas. A boatman will paddle, push, and shove his boatload of passengers past rocks, curves, and the current to reach the destination, then repeat the performance on the way back. The base of the falls is a large pool where people can swim, bathe, and enjoy themselves. There is also a cave behind the falls for exploring.

Ravana-Ella Falls – in Sri Lanka, it is a 30-foot high falls with a wide arch. Ravana-Ella is tied to the Hindu epic Ramayana, with the name itself based on the demon Ravana as mentioned the story. The waters from these falls provide much-needed irrigation for the cash crops of the local farmers, and guards are stationed on 24-hour shifts to protect the waters from smugglers.

Gitgit Falls – these falls in the village of Gitgit in Bali, Indonesia plunge down many levels, with the longest drop being 45 meters. The best way to view the falls is by walking along the well-built trail and stairs on the side. Make an effort to donate a few coins for the upkeep of the area.

Bangpae Falls – the largest falls in Phuket, Thailand, inside Khao Pra Taew Wildlife Reserve. The falls is a 10-minute walk from the parking area, and is surrounded by steep rock faces. Thais love to picnic around the pool, where a refreshing dip awaits eager swimmers.

Ban Goc Falls – in northeast Vietnam. The best months to visit is between June to October, when the torrential rains bring forth a spectacular rush of water. Try finding the stone steps on the left of the waterfalls, which leads to a scenic bird’s-eye-view of the area.

Lovely WaterfallsTemurun Falls – in Langkawi, Malaysia, the waters here cascade a full 30 meters amidst the hill slopes and spill into Datai Bay. A tall concrete archway spanning the path informs people they are in proximity of the falls. Visitors can take a short walk to see the nearby artificial waterfalls, the highest in Malaysia

Jog Falls – the highest waterfall in India, plummeting an impressive 253 meters. Located in the Shimoga district in Karnataka, it is fed by the great Sharavathi River. Hydro-electric power stations are located nearby, in order to harness the same source of power as the waterfalls.

Khone Phapeng -  the largest waterfall in South East Asia, also known as the “Niagara of the East”. Found in Laos along the lower Mekong, the sheer volume of water that passes through the Khone can best be appreciated in a pavilion overlooking the sight. Fishermen and birds often risk these waters to gather fish that travel in these waters.

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