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Have A Winter Wonderland At Hong Kong Disneyland

December 18th, 2009 by

It is this time of the year again when everyone gets to visit their favorite holiday destinations for the Christmas season.  Some people choose to just book a local flight to their own provinces and be united with their families.  There are also others who grab the opportunity of having long “off” days from work to go out of the country for some rest,relaxation and adventure.

Sparkling Christmas at Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong would have to be counted as one of the popular stops of tourists for Christmas.  People who live in tropical countries like the Philippines, Thailand, etc would certainly welcome the cold and soothing weather.  Given that it is a tourist friendly city, there are tons to do in Hong Kong and one will be assured of an endless list of things to do for his or her travel itinerary.  There are also a lot of nice hotels to stay in like the Acesite Hotel Hong Kong.

There are a lot of places to visit in Hong Kong like Ocean Park, Victoria Peak, Lamma Island, and shopping areas which include Nathan Road and Mongkok just to name a few.  But I guess, no trip to Hong Kong would ever be complete these days without paying a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland.

For this holiday season, Hong Kong Disneyland is once again promising a fabulously sparkling Christmas that will turn your day into a dreamlike Winter Wonderland.   The fantastic celebration started last November 20, 2009.

Of course, park visitors can still do the rounds and check out the different sections of the park just like regular seasons.

In Adventureland, visitors can watch the Festival of the Lion King.  This is actually my favorite show.  One can watch the colorful parade of talents who perform their “wild” acts in even “wilder” costumes.  This show is inspired by no less than the animated Disney movie – The Lion King.  Aside from this show, one can ride on Rafts to Tarzan’s Treehouse, and also try the Jungle River Cruise.

Another favorite section of the park is Main Street U.S.A.  This is where one can find the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad, the Main Street Vehicles, the City Hall and the different characters during scheduled “Meet the Characters” activities.

There is also a section called Fantasyland!  I will not be surprised if this is the most popular among kids.  For one, this is where one can find Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.  There are rides like the Mad Hatter Tea Cups and Dumbo the Flying Elephant.  Fantasyland is also close to my heart mainly because of the shows like 3D Mickey’s PhilharMagic and the super Golden Mickeys!

Tomorrowland, from the name itself, is the futuristic touch of Hong Kong Disneyland.  One must not miss the heart stopping ride called Space Mountain.  You can even command your own flying saucer in Orbitron.  Another fun activity is the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

But then again, Hong Disneyland decided to offer a little extra something for their holiday visitors that are definitely enough to make Christmas a season to remember.

Visitors can visit the “It’s a Small World Christmas.”  This section was certainly built to become great backdrops for your holiday photos.  One can see a total of six huge winter scenes that are presented as pop-up cards.  These are presented complete with Small World dolls and dazzling Christmas trees.

Let It Snow Christmas Parada

The holiday experience will be even more delectable with the Festive Foods that will be prepared by the chefs of Hong Kong Disneyland.  There are menu items that were created specifically to match the richness of Christmas.  There are Christmas meals presented in full meals or snacks that can be enjoyed at the Royal Banquet Hall within the park.  There are also more extravagant meals that are offered at the hotels.

If you are not yet done with your Christmas shopping then it would be a fantastic idea to catch up with your list by visiting the various souvenir shops at Hong Kong Disneyland.  There are toys, clothes, accessories, novelty items, home ware, and a lot more featuring the different Disney characters.  Your friends and relatives will not mind that your gifts came late as long as they were bought at Disneyland.

Another favorite of mine is the Let It Snow Parade.  Make sure to take note of the exact schedule of the parade so that you can position yourselves strategically for the show.  I noticed that my mouth was wide open in amazement while watching this parade.  The performers were very energetic and displayed such high level of energy.  Their costumes were also fun to look at because of the Christmas colors of Red and Green.

Giant Christmas Tree at Hong Kong Disneyland

It gets even more fun as night begins to fall.  The entire park is set ablaze by different colorful dancing lights that are collectively called as the Lights of Winter.  There is a spectacular procession that will illuminate each season.  These lights blend perfectly with the holiday music that is played within the park.

If you would like to experience snow then all you have to do is head to Main Street U.S.A and enjoy the view of the giant Christmas Tree.  Snowflakes continuously fall and will gather on your heads simulating a White Christmas.

To perfectly end your night, catch the Disney in the Stars fireworks and feel goose bumps run down your spine as the castle lights dance to the tune of the different popular Disney themes like Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, etc.

So what are you waiting for?  Head to Hong Kong Disneyland and have your experience your very own Winter Wonderland.

***Enjoy a Sparkling Christmas in Hong Kong Disneyland’s Winter Wonderland until January 3, 2010***

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