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India’s Most Beautiful Beaches – Part 1

May 27th, 2009 by

Feeling sun-deprived? Believe it or not, both the East and West coasts of India are littered with beautiful beaches. On the West Coast you’ll find the Arabian Sea while on the East Cost you’ll find the Bay of Bengal. Each coastline is full of picturesque beaches, spectacular sea resorts, and incredible vacation opportunities.


Image Credit:bbjee

The beaches in India are almost too numerous to list, but they’re well worth exploring. Here are some of the most popular beaches in India, broken down by region.

Andhra Pradesh Beaches

Twenty three individual districts make up the area known as Andhra Pradesh, but only eight of them give visitors access to the sea. Andhra’s coast has remained remarkably unspoiled by tourism and features clean beaches where tourists can sunbathe or swim at their leisure.


Image Credit: PriyadarshiC

Some of the most popular Andhra Pradesh Beaches include:

  • Bheemunipatnam Beach, one of the safest in Andhra Pradesh, and home to the renowned Bheemli sea resort;
  • Manginapudi Beach, a remarkable beach on the outskirts of a historic port town and popular amongst tourists visiting the local health resort;
  • Vodarevu Beach, a popular and somewhat secluded weekend destination amongst locals; and
  • Rishikonda Beach, a beautiful golden beach popular amongst swimmers and water sport lovers.

Kerala Beaches


Image Credit: Jaisen Nedumpala

The beaches at Kerala aren’t necessarily the most popular but those who venture to the backwater area will find themselves surrounded by undisturbed beaches and sparkling blue waters. Relax under a coconut palm on one of these beaches and you’ll experience pure bliss!


Image Credit: nborun

Kerala’s most renowned beaches include:

  • Marari Beach, an area relatively undiscovered by tourists. The beaches are found on the edge of a local fishing village and feature beautiful palm trees and friendly locals;
  • Alappuzha Beach, an incredibly popular beach destination that features a pier that has extended into the sea for more than 140 years; and
  • Muzhappilangad Beach, which is known for being the longest beach in Kerala. This beach is the only one in India on which visitors are allowed to drive.

Orissa Beaches


Image Credit:Tierecke

The beaches at Orissa are some of the most visited in the world, especially by visitors on religious pilgrimage. The white sandy beaches along the coastal belt of Orissa draw the attention of tourists from all walks of life on a regular basis.


Image Credit:Alan e Adriana

Some of the most important beaches in Orissa are:

  • Puri Beach, which is considered to be one of four important holy places in the country. The beach is on the Bay of Bengal and is one of the most beautiful on the planet.
  • Konark Beach, another famous beach known for being the home of the Sun temple; and
  • Gopalpur On Sea, a spectacular hot spot for swimmers, surfers, sunbathers, and anyone who merely wants to enjoy the sun, sand, and water.

Karnataka Beaches


Image Credit:voidView

Karnataka’s beaches are relatively calm compared to some of the more resort friendly destinations. The scenery in Karnataka is breathtaking and the area is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a relaxing getaway.


Image Credit:unagendramayya

So which beaches are the most peaceful?

  • Maravanthe Beach can be found in the town of Karnataka and is a great destination for beach goers interested in water sports;
  • Bhatkal Beach features not only a gorgeous seascape but breathtaking hills and a beautiful temple; and
  • Karwar Beach, where you’ll relax on silver sands under the swaying palm trees in a calm and peaceful environment like no other.

Goa Beaches


Image Credit:NeilsPhotography

If you thought the beaches at Orissa were popular, you have yet to see the beaches at Goa. Goa, unlike Orissa, is a renowned beach vacation destination and draws the attention of party goers from around the world.


Image Credit:Enygmatic-Halycon

Where are the hottest beaches in Goa?

  • Anjuna Beach features palm trees that have been painted in fluorescent colors, an incredible flea market, and infamous parties held on the eve of every full moon;
  • Benaulim Beach is one of the safest beaches for those who want to swim without fearing a jellyfish encounter. The area around this beach is also well known for its culinary creations featuring seafood; and
  • Pololem Beach, a spectacular bay beach featuring coconut palms, bay nuts, and an incredibly relaxing atmosphere.


Image Credit: DMWyllie

No matter what part of India you visit you’re bound to find a beach destination that suites your tastes, whether you love relaxing in seclusion or immersing yourself in beach party culture. Grab your towel, pack your suntan lotion, and explore!

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    Very beautiful and informative site

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    these are the most beautifal places in the world !!!!

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    LOL,its like a great art work

  4. Nishant Says:

    I totally agree with the post! All seems to be an amazing destination to take a vacation. My only concern would be price and whether it is considered a cheap vacations or an expensive one…

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