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Jeju Loveland is not safe for work!

May 19th, 2008 by

Woman with Arched BackWhich  countries come to mind when we think of erotic destinations? Certainly, Japan comes first, the land of sexually-explicit animation and vending machines that sell porn magazines. India may also pop up in the list, though for a culture that developed the Kama Sutra, it’s surprisingly prude when it comes to sex. Mexico, for example also has its kinky side with their love hotels also known as moteles.

The Dip

South Korea, however, is aching to be a player in the sexually-inclined tourists’s market with it’s first ever erotic park. Just 10 minutes away from Jeju International Airport, Jeju Loveland is a one-of-a-kind theme park in Jeju Island (or Cheju Island) where 140 works of art are erected for the pleasure of the paying public. Targeted primarily towards the newlyweds from the mainland, the park is stuffed with soft-core memorabilia, like statues, photographs, toys, and displays.

Sweet Kiss and Gifts Nipple Tops

Visitors can immediately ogle what are in store for them just behind the entrance to Loveland. From there, a sculpture of a very flexible trio welcomes them with arched backs and reckless abandonment, giving them a taste of the spectacle awaiting them enclosed in an area the size of two soccer fields. Gossiping WomenThe entire park is designed around a lake than contains a statue of two pairs of upside-down legs entangled around each other, as if suggesting the rest of the bodies are snuggling under the waters. Sensual sculptures adorn the borders of the lake, ranging from two fully-dressed lovers who are leaning over and kissing discreetly, to a collection of descriptive sexual positions seemingly based from cultures around the world. Exhibits like the nipple mountain with pink nubs at their tips and penis fountains that rise majestically from the goldfish pond can shock even the most jaded tourists with their explicitness.

Woman and FaunWoman on TopFellatio

There are even more surprises in the Baengnok Exhibition Halls, glass structures that resemble traditional Korean domes. Those are the only things that are traditional about these buildings: they are entirely dedicated to sex toys. From S&M paraphernalia to elaborate dildos, most of these items can demonstrate their functions by activating the switches next to them. There are also special exhibits held every month in the halls, featuring different local artists.

Men's ToiletWomen's Toilet

Every facility has an erotic theme attached to it, whether it’s the phallic arrows giving directions, the his-and-her restrooms with genitalia-shaped door handles, or the park’s two mascots: Bulkkeuni, a mitten-wearing phallus, and Ssaekkeuni, a vagina with a floppy hat and bow.

Fat Man and Woman The Finger The Wall

Loveland started way back in 2002, when 20 artists, graduates of Hongik University in Seoul, began creating sculptures in the area. Jeju Island was already a popular destination for honeymooners, being the southernmost and therefore the warmest region in Korea. The “Honeymoon Ilse”, as its 600,000 inhabitants fondly call it, was the farthest most Korean newlyweds can travel from home, whether it’s for political or financial reasons. Many marriages were arranged by the parents of couples, who would meet only before the nuptials under the strict supervision of relatives. After the wedding ceremony, the pair would be flown off directly to the island. Hotels, in an effort to relax the honeymooners, would offer entertainment programs such as lap dances and other risqué activities to give them ideas on how to spend their time on the island. The gates of Loveland finally opened in 2004, as a testament to the island’s dedication in celebrating conjugal bliss.


Fat Lady and Man

Visitors can take a 10-minute taxi ride to Jeju Loveland straight from Jeju Airport. They should allow 40 minutes during the day and 50 minutes at night (when the outdoor displays are all lighted up) to enjoy all the exhibits. A snack bar is available to satiate certain appetites, as well as a gift shop for those who wish to bring home souvenirs that don’t include a 33-foot tall stone phallus. Operating hours are 9am to midnight, and entrance tickets can be purchased straight from the ticket office for 7,000 won/person. Only adults from 18 years old and above can enter the park; however, a play area is available for minors for the duration of the visit.

So the next time you drop by Korea, find a moment or two to visit Jeju Loveland. The park is so delightful, even the statues are enjoying themselves!

Address: 680-26, Yeon-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Phone: 82-64-712-6988

Fax: 82-64-712-6989

Official website:

18 Responses to “Jeju Loveland is not safe for work!”

  1. melankoli Says:

    It must be very HOT out there! :)

  2. Kitci Wong Says:

    Whoa! Thanks for sharing… Would “love” to visit that park if and when I go back to Korea =D

  3. SassyandMyGirl Says:

    I’ve watched many Korean dramas and only now I understand why most scenes took place in Jeju Island. This is one orgasmic place and I love how sculptures depict different body types of men and women. I should bring my boyfriend here to experience an exotic gratification and immense relief of my life! LOL..

  4. syeri Says:


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  6. Micky Says:

    I have been Jeju 2 years ago. It is a very beautiful place especially for Honeymoon. Also the expense for Jeju trip is not too much. You can bought a package included Accommdation and car rent for a week is only cost you around 300 US for 2 people. Jeju Island has a lot of different areas that you might saw from Korean dramas such as Lottle Hotel back garden. Most of those areas are free to entry. Also most of car you rent has got the navigation device and the locate car rental shop will provide a booklet which included all of the Jeju areas with id number that you can fill into the Navigation device. There is a very special area I should suggest you to take a look if you have time, meeting (“Haenyo” Korean Diving Women) very famous symbol of Jeju.

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  13. Kaman Sutrar Says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Very informative and inciteful. Excellent Keep up the great work!

  14. Gan Says:

    Its nice to see the real things as an art …

    really that place to feel comfortble for lovers …

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  16. Connie Says:

    Interesting sculptures. Who is the artist(s)?

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