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Mesmerizing Coloane Island

April 10th, 2009 by

A Ma StatueColoane Island would have to be included in any traveler’s itinerary in Macau.  According to history books and brochures on Macau, Coloane Island used to be just an uninhabited bay, rocky hillside, deep caverns, and a wooded area covered by thick vegetation and trees.  At the time when Macau was the core of trading activities between the West and China, a lot of pirates built their headquarters on Coloane Island as it seemed that the island was scary enough to discourage trespassers.  Obviously, Coloane Island has already evolved to the attractive island that it is today.  Coloane Island is making its mark as a favorite tourist destination in Macau because of its nice beaches, trekking pathways or trails, and numerous open-air offerings.

Here is a list of the different attractions that one can visit during a visit to Coloane Island:

A-MA STATUE AND CULTURAL VILLAGE – It would be hard not to notice the impressive statue of the goddess A-Ma.  It measures a total of 19.99 meters high and it is made of striking white marble that even came from a province called Hebei in China.  The A-Ma Statue is erected on the highest point of Coloane and its construction was financed by Taiwanese Taoists and also those from Fujian.  The entire village is built complete with rooms that are intended for prayer, monks’ living quarters and other rooms that can even accommodate even up to a hundred devotees.  Aside from the A-Ma Statue, one of the notable reasons of visiting would have to be the breathtaking view of the Pearl River Delta.

St Francis Xavier Church

BEACHES – Coloane Island is also blessed with two popular beaches namely Hac Sa Beach and Cheoc Van Beach. The Hac Sa Beach is also referred to as the “Black Sand Beach” of Coloane Island and it is the biggest among all beaches in Macau.  The Cheoc Van Beach can be found beyond Hac Sa Beach.  A lot of people visit this beach because of its attractive marina, the Nautical Club.  This is also where the different leisure water crafts like yachts are deposited.  Both beaches can get pretty crowded during holidays and weekends.

COLOANE VILLAGE – The Coloane Village is said to be the heart of the Coloane Island.  The Village is the exact spot at the central plaza where buses that travel to Coloane drop off passengers.  The Coloane Village is also filled with restaurants that serve different cuisines.  But the most popular food stop here at the Coloane Village would have to be Lord Stow’s Bakery.  It is easy to spot the bakery of Lord Stow’s as their store almost always has a long queue of people waiting for their turn to order those yummy and freshly baked Egg Tarts that will simply melt in your mouth.  The Tam Kung temple can also be found within the Coloane Village.  This temple gives honor to the “Taoist God of Seafarers.”  In addition to this temple, visitors can also go and see the Chapel of St. Francis of Xavier.

SEAC PAI VAN PARK – Visitors can have a relaxing stroll and walk towards the west side of the island where the hills are densely covered by trees.  The Seac Pai Van Park is popular among families in Macau who would like to have a quick weekend getaway.  The park has its own small zoo, children’s playground, designated areas that are perfect for picnics and an aviary where children can see different bird species.

Lord Stow's Cafe

WALKING AND FITNESS TRAILS – Coloane Island has several hiking and fitness trails to choose from.  These are perfect for those who would like to keep fit but are budget conscious.  The trail maps and reference guides for the Walking Trails can be collected at the information offices located at the entrance of the Seac Pai Van Park.  The main trail, the Coloane Trail, goes around the Coloane Island on ground that is 100 meters above sea level.

With all these wonderful attractions, make sure to make the most out of your visit to Macau by not only touring the city centre but by also going beyond your comfort zone.  Visit the outlying islands like the Coloane Island and you will surely go back for more.

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  1. herbie Says:

    everyone who goes to macau must make time to visit coloane island! a lot of amazing things to see here!

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