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More Of The Best Beaches In Asia

September 15th, 2008 by

Footprints On A White Sand BeachTruth be told, by the time you read about Asia’s best beaches in this blog, a lot of people have already found out about it and are undesirably clogging up the resorts. The trick to finding a relatively pristine spot of coastline is to cozy up to one of the locals and ask them where the best beaches are in their locale. And more often than not, these beach experts can be found hanging out in these more popular places, taking a break from all that perfect seclusion.

Here are more of the best beaches in Asia.

Arambol Beach in Northern Goa, India, is pretty uncrowded except on Sundays, when local beach-goers drop by for a swim and a picnic. Bohemian types can enjoy the miles of uninterrupted beach, with minimal property development to spoil the tranquility. There are also sulphur pits and freshwater lakes fit for swimming, with an awesome Banyan Tree to complete the view. You only need to take one of the many buses between Arambol and the city of Mapusa to get there, or rent a boat from one of the more popular beaches nearby.

Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay) in Hong Kong’s New Territories is a surprisingly fascinating white sandy beach with relatively unpolluted waters. It’s a great place for surfing, though the absence of any lifeguards may require some caution from visiting thrill-seekers. To reach this haven from Hong Kong Island, take a bus or minibus from Hang Hau MTR station to Sai Kung, then another bus to Wong Shek Pier. It takes a bit of hiking to reach the beach proper (signs will guide you along the 45-minute trek); you can also take a speedboat ride from Wong Shek Pier.

The Philippines’ favorite beach island, Boracay,  can be accessed by a plane ride from Manila or Cebu, then a short ferry boat ride to the splendid 4-kilometer piece of paradise called White Beach. There are plenty of accommodations for every budget, plenty of choices in cuisine, and plenty of partying during the summer and festival seasons. Water sports, beach-hopping, and snorkeling are among many of the activities to delight visitors.

Sailing Off Into The Sunset At Boracay

Located on a lagoon in Northern Colombo, Sri Lanka, Negombo Beach is a beach-goer and fisherman’s paradise. Deep blue waters and an extensive beach make it a relaxing destination, while a nearby gem market can get you bargain prices for semi-precious stones. A nearby Dutch fort and elephant orphanage makes the Negombo experience a truly memorable one. Interested travelers need to take a two-hour drive from Colombo to reach this pleasure spot.

Phan Thiet in Vietnam is fast making a name for itself as the next big beach destination, due to a beach called Mui Ne. Development only started in the 1990’s, and a golf course is one of the few establishments so far. Nearby is Lotus Lake, a body of water surrounded by white sand dunes where you can be diverted by hours of dune-sledding.  To get to Mui Ni, take a bus from Ho Chi Minh City. It’s best if you avoid the rainy season for this one.

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  1. Stardust Says:

    Boracay is beautiful, and people told me Davao island is nice too~, good post, i’ve forwarded your article to my friend who is planning her honeymoon cruise!

  2. Poll: Top 5 Romantic Spots In Asia Says:

    […] is the honeymoon capital, not just for Filipinos but a lot of Asian foreigners as well. The powdery white beaches and colorful sunset makes for a romantic and relaxing […]

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