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My Love Affair With Boracay Part 2

February 19th, 2010 by

The first morning of our stay at The Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Convention Center was very filling – literally!  We were escorted to the Sea Breeze Café for our buffet breakfast.  We ogled at the superb spread of the freshest breads, cheeses, fruits, juices, and other delectable breakfast fares.  I immediately fell in love with their fresh ripe mangoes and their heavenly French Toasts with yummy syrup.   To burn all the calories, we decided to take a morning stroll…

Relaxing in Boracay

To those who have not been to Boracay, it is just fitting to explain that Boracay is famous for its long stretch of sandy shore and shallow glistening blue green water.  The water is shallow in the sense that you will find yourself already a couple of meters from the shore and yet the water will only reach your knees.  This kind of water is what you can say safe for kids as there is no terrifying drop to deep water.  This long sandy stretch of beach is divided into several sections.

The first section is called White Beach Station 1.  This station is home to the most luxurious hotels and resorts in Boracay.  Because of the presence of these hotels, this section has become known as the upscale end of the island.  The expanse of white beach is also the widest at Station 1.

You will find yourself in White Beach Station 2 after walking a few hundred meters from the first station.  This section is known to be the busiest as this is where one can find a lot of restaurants, bars, pubs, spas, etc.  Numerous people head to this section to visit the famous D’ Mall – a collection of about a hundred shops and restaurants that stretch up to the main road.

The last section is White Beach Station 3.  A lot of budget travelers and backpackers opt to stay here as there are numerous budget accommodations that come in the form of native-styled huts or bungalow houses.  This is said to be the last section to be developed.  The houses here are rented out to tourists by the locals most especially during the peak season.

Another section of Boracay is called Bulabog Beach which can be found at the eastern side of the island.  This area is the favorite destination of sports enthusiasts who would like to have go at kite boarding, wind surfing, parasailing, and jet skiing just to name a few.  It is really not that far as it is just a short walk away from the White Beach.

Ride the Paraw in Boracay

The locals proudly told us that Bulabog Beach is fondly referred to by foreigners as the “Number One Kite Boarding Beach in Asia.” A lot of competitions are staged at Bulabog Beach which are attended by participants not only in the Philippines but also those who are from other countries.  Those who are interested to learn Kite Boarding can enroll in Kite Boarding courses that are offered.  The rates differ depending on the number of attendees and season but it is roughly about PhP 3, 000 or US$ 65.

Another favorite of mine are the colorful and graceful Paraws.  These Paraws are so popular that even some companies use these boats for advertisement and print their ads on the sails.  The Paraw is the term referring to the local sailboats that are used by locals to bring tourists to the different islands.  Some people prefer to ride the Paraw at around 5:30 pm in order to catch the breathtaking sunset.  A Paraw ride can cost anywhere from PhP 500 (US$ 10) to PhP 1, 000 (US$ 20) depending on the season.  I suggest that you use your charm when you haggle with the sailors.

Skimboarding in Boracay

Skimboarding is another fun activity to try while in Boracay.  It looks easy when you watch the experts do it but you will certainly realize that it is not as easy as it looks once you get to try it. Again, the key here is practice!  You can learn to Skimboard by approaching the Skimboarders by the beach who offer rental of their Skimboards for PhP 200 (US$ 5) for one hour with free lessons. The Skimboards are also being sold at PhP 3000 (US$ 65).  You can choose the design from a catalog or you can ask them to follow your own design.

As for me, nothing beats just lying around on the plastic beds by the beach while enjoying the wind and the sound of the waves as they caress the shore. It is even better when you share these rare moments with your loved ones.

In Boracay, the glistening waters will always be inviting and everyone seems to be happy just to be in the island paradise.  You will find yourself falling in love with Boracay that you will certainly want to go back … sometime… soon…

4 Responses to “My Love Affair With Boracay Part 2”

  1. Kay Says:

    The beach is so inviting, I want to go back to Boracay now!

  2. Herb Samson Says:

    Gotta try Skimboarding! That rocks!

  3. Kitci Wong Says:

    Yes, Skimboarding rocks! Thanks Herbie :)

  4. Boracay Hotels Says:

    Lovely photos, there a good atmosphere there, mostly at nightlife. Where did you stay in boracay, is it good facilities there?

    Tanya Gemarin

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