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Puerto Galera: The Perfect Destination For A Quick Getaway

June 25th, 2010 by

The workweek can really be stressful at times, and for some people, it is stressful all the time!  This is why it is very important for working guys and gals to find something to look forward to during the weekend.  The “something” can be an enjoyable hobby, a cause that is one is passionate about, an activity like watching the latest blockbuster in the cinema or even a trip out of town that would allow one to escape the hustle and bustle of city life even for short time.

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In the Philippines, there are a lot of destinations to consider when it comes to quick getaways.  There are beach resorts that are just two to three hours away from the capital city of Manila.  A lot of beach bums head to Cavite or to Batangas for the perfect combination of sun and sand.  As for those who are willing to go a bit further, a favorite choice would be PUERTO GALERA.

Puerto Galera is located in the northwestern side of Oriental Mindoro.  The name Puerto Galera or Port for Galleons was known as an important trading port as early as the pre-Spanish time.   It was in 1927 when Puerto Galera earned its independence as a municipality under a congressional act.

Nowadays, the quaint and quiet town of Puerto Galera is a popular stop among locals and tourists during the summer months.  The tourism business at Puerto Galera was started by the locals themselves who offered rooms in their own houses to backpackers or tourists who end up in their little town.  Eventually, bigger resort chains and businessmen took over and built bigger hotels, inns, and restaurants across the shore.  Still, there are so many accommodations and food palces to choose from that will suit every taste, need and budget.  The local young people with limited funding choose to go to Puerto Galera as everything is so affordable here.  One can have a marvelous time even with budget of US$ 100 and this already includes food, transportation, accommodation and a bit of souvenir shopping!

Photo by: kitci

It is so easy to get to Puerto Galera mainly because it is only about three to four hours away from Manila.  The last time we went there, we boarded a bus that was bound for the City of Batangas.  My partner and I left Manila at around 6:00 am and we reached the Batangas Pier or Port at around 9:00 am.  We bought tickets for boats that were to take us directly to Puerto Galera but since we were a bit early, we had to wait for about half an hour before we boarded our boats.  It was just a short boat ride but we were told by fellow travelers that the sea could be playful at times and boats have to ride big waves depending on the season and time of travel.  True enough, we had our dose of rollercoaster waves on our way to Puerto Galera.  You could just imagine our relief when we reached our destination about an hour of rocky boat action.

Guests who get off the boats can choose from several beaches like the highly popular and accessible White Beach, Tamarraw Beach, Sabang Beach, or the more private ones like Coco Beach.  But it does not really matter which beach one ends up choosing as the beaches of Puerto Galera do not disappoint!

Photo by: kitci

Even if the main attraction of Puerto Galera is the pristine and shimmering water, visitors can enjoy a bunch of other things during their holiday.  Water sports fanatics can try scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, jet skiing, windsurfing or sailing.  Since the place is also surrounded by lush mountains, some guests opt to go for a quick hike and take photos when they reach the summit.  There are also facilities for gun shooting and off road motorcycling for a different kind of adrenaline rush.  By night, the entire shoreline of Puerto Galera transforms to a huge party place where one can relax, chat, dance, drink and make new friends.

The best time to visit would be during the summer season which is from March up to the first week of June.  The Philippines enter the rainy season starting mid-June and the wet season can last until end of October.  A lot of people also enjoy Puerto Galera in December during the Christmas holidays when there are long periods of holidays from both work and school.  But I believe that with what this marvelous place has to offer, anytime is the perfect time to visit Puerto Galera.

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  1. Travelmuch Says:

    I enjoyed my stay in Puerto Galera so much. Besides from being there with my one and only love, It was so peaceful. We were so relaxed by listening at the sound of the waves. The only problem that I have encountered there was when I saw Dog’s poop on the sand. Maybe the handler of the beach should keep the dogs in their proper cages so that they will not be roaming around the beach. It will not be safe for the guest because dogs might bite especially if the people around them are strangers.But other than that, TWO thumbs up to Puerto Galera! We will surely be back! By the way, we stayed at Mendelluke suites. It’s very affordable and the room is very comfortable and cozy. Love it!

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