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Sagada: Where Heaven Meets Earth

May 8th, 2008 by


Sagada…….a breathtaking place where the sky kisses the earth. Located at 5,000 feet above sea level in the Cordillera mountain range of Luzon in the Philippines, it is far, far up from the smog and the noise of the cities below. This little Shangri-la is a tourist’s favorite, since it is not as crowded as Baguio City yet the cool weather and the plush scenery is just as pleasing. It is also famous for its world-renowned hanging coffins, 60 underground caves and charming waterfalls.

How to Get There

You could reach this mountain-top town in two ways: from Baguio, take a bus going to Sagada and pass through Mt. Halsema Express. It will take 6-7 hours, but along the way you would pass Benguet and the Chico River. From Banaue, you will take 2 jeepney rides and the trip will take 2-3 hours. During that time, you would pass Bontoc and get a view of the Banaue Rice Terraces, dubbed as the eight wonder of the world.

Places to See

To get a guide, register at the tourist office in Sagada Proper. If you get hungry, down the road f is the Yoghurt House while in the upper street you can see a log cabin restaurant.

Sumaguing Cave

Sumaging Cave/ Big Cave

Take a jeepney ride or walk 30 minutes from Sagada Center to reach this magical cave. Hire a guide for P400 ($9) for a maximum of 5 people and explore all 400 feet of tricky tunnels, artistic limestone formations and glittering stalactites and stalagmites. Have a splash in the crystal clear water while you’re at it. If you want a little more adventure, try the cave connection – spelunking all the way from Sumaguing Cave to Lumiang Cave.

Bokong Falls, “the Little Falls”

Little twin falls. 15 minutes from the center of Sagada is Bokong falls. From the Arts and Crafts house, go to the steps, walk through the rice fields and follow the stream until you hear the rushing water. Try to be here between 10 am to 12 pm because the water could get coooold during mornings and evenings.

Bomod-ok Falls, “the Big Falls

Majestic thunderous falls. Board a jeepney near the market falls and ride for 20 minutes or walk for 2 hours to Bangaan. Register at the blue house and hire guides for P120 ($3). Afterwards, hike downwards on the scenic nature trails and dive in the cold water to get an unforgettable experience after a challenging hike.

Lake Danum

At the outskirts of Sagada is a lake with an excellent view of the Besao Valley. Have a picnic with friends and family while watching a spectacular sunrise or sunset.

Echo Valley

Shout for echoing pleasure or climb the rock face. P100 ($2) rapelling fee and P200 ($5) rock climbing fee. The fees include the guides and the equipment. Fun, fun, fun! You would pass here when going to the jaw-dropping hanging coffins. Begin at St. Mary’s School behind the church, take the trail up to the cemetery, then go through the cemetery and take the path down into the valley.

St. Mary’s Compound

Stroll this peaceful compound and get closer to God. You could find here St. Mary’s Church, St. Mary’s School, a cemetery, Calvary and Kingkitongan which is a bottomless pit (according to local belief).

Mount Ampakaw

This is the tallest mountain in Sagada. During summer, you could pick blackberries to include in your picnic.

Sagada Weaver

On the way to Bokong Falls you’ll pass the Sagada Weaver. Visit here to get superb handwoven souvenirs.

Sagada Gallery

Local artists display their hand-made pottery here. Come see them!

Town Plaza

Have a walk through this town plaza and visit the many shops selling sundry items and fresh produce. Take a bite in the quaint restaurants and cafes as well and have a sip of superb mountain tea. A note: there is a 9 pm curfew in this town, so don’t go looking for night clubs! Also, there are no ATM machines in this area, but you could change US dollars near the tourist info center.

How To Leave

Sigh…all good things come to an end. You could leave via bus from Sagada Proper. But then, what’s the rush. Stay in heavenly Sagada for as long as you like.

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8 Responses to “Sagada: Where Heaven Meets Earth”

  1. Kitci Wong Says:

    Wow! It’s my “dream” to visit Sagada. I hope I get to do that this year…Thanks so much for the helpful info and tips =D

  2. Kuwahara Yami Says:

    awesome sights, like something out of somebody’s imagination

  3. Miriam Says:

    i heard that Sagada is the Baguio of olden times. I really wish I could go up there some time. I heard it’s really incredible. :)

  4. charity Says:

    sagada is a really wonderful place…you can see many tourists hiking around the area. i hope the writer touch also about banaue. can you also write on places somewhere in mindanao? thanks more power.

  5. How Well Do You Know Asia Challenge Says:

    […] Philippines has a lot of romantic destinations. Is this image from the Picturesque Palawan, Heavenly Sagada or the Breath-taking Boracay […]

  6. Mrs Dev Says:

    Awesome, incredibly ROMANTIC…..A unique and beautilful location

    I LOVE its own form of elegance and charm.

    Its my dream destination to be at….

    I will plan to go to this amazing place for my HONEYMOON…looking to enjoy some quiet and refreshing time here…

  7. Mrs Dev Says:

    Its not ‘Heaven Meets Earth’ instead should be ‘Heaven On Earth”….

  8. char Says:

    Fun and excitement is the name of the game when you go on picnics. It is definitely wise to save for the rainy days, considering the current economy. Picnics are one way to help you save a little bit of money while having fun.. The best part about picnics is that it really does help bond a family together through spending time together outside! Hey, grab your picnic baskets and be delighted.

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