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Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings With Hong Kong Desserts

June 23rd, 2009 by

Hong Kong is “heaven” not only for shopaholics but for food trippers as well. I love Cantonese food and the fusion of cuisines that I can try while visiting this vibrant city. But aside from appetizers and full entrees, one must also find room in their tummies for delectable desserts that abound in Hong Kong.

Sweet Tarts

The truth of the matter is that Chinese dishes or Chinese cuisine is not really associated with scrumptious desserts. It is a great thing that this situation is changing and that there are quite a number of really nice dessert places that are sprouting all across Hong Kong much to the delight not only of the locals but, of course, of all tourists.

It is becoming a trend in the city that those who do not feel like drowning themselves in alcohol and spending their time in bars or clubs can hang out in these dessert parlors to enjoy some local sweets. The best part is that these dessert places match the operating hours of clubs and close also in the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes, those who hang out in bars can transfer to a dessert place to continue having a little bit of fun.

Here’s a list of the different treats that can feed your sweet cravings while touring Hong Kong:

BEAN CURD JELLO – The Bean Curd Jello is one of the favorite dessert items in Hong Kong. Sometimes, it is also called Bean Curt Gelatin or in the local Cantonese language, it is called tofu fa. There are a lot of cafes in Hong Kong that serve this treat as part of their menu so it would not be a challenge to look for this within the city.

Crispy Buns with Condensed Milk

CRISPY BUNS WITH CONDENSED MILK – These Crispy Buns with Condensed Milk would have to be one of my favorites. One of the restaurants known for these heavenly buns is the Tsui Wah Restaurant, which is no really a dessert parlor. They have a quite a number of branches already in Hong Kong including Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Central just to name a few. I love having my sweetened Crispy Buns with my steaming cup of brewed coffee.

EGG TARTS – Aside from the Crispy Buns, I simply must have my fill of my favorite egg tarts whenever I am in Hong Kong. My partner and I and can finish one box of six in just one sitting. There are different kinds of egg tarts – layered crusts, crushed crusts, and Portuguese style. I buy mine from a tea restaurant near Nathan Road in Kowloon but a lot of dim sum restaurants serve egg tarts.

MILK CUSTARD OR STEAMED SWEET EGG CUSTARD – The steamed egg custard or another variation which is the milk custard are also some of the favorite desserts. These sweets have a soft, smooth and creamy texture and are so delicious that they melt right in your mouths. It will not be too hard to find these in Hong Kong as most cafes usually carry them in their menus and can be served anytime. Some people prefer the milk custard or the steamed sweet egg cold while some prefer them hot.

Tapioca Drinks

TAPIOCA DRINKS – Desserts would have to include various refreshing drinks that can be enjoyed almost in every street corner of Hong Kong’s Kowloon district. Kowloon is always bustling with people on the go that these drinks usually come in handy for people who are in a hurry but game enough to give in to temptation and order a drink or two which they can enjoy while on their way to the next bus station or MTR station. These drinks can be different fruit shakes, sweet cold milk tea concoctions, sugar can juices, and various mixtures that are served with a generous helping of tapioca. These tapioca balls are the perfect way to cap off each sip of your favorite drink with the use of a large straw. Tapioca balls are sticky and can be sweet or just plain tasting depending on the flavor and color. When you order your drink, you will also be asked if you want a regular or a large order and if you want your beverage to be served hot or cold.

FRUIT PLATTERS – Of course, we should not forget about the ever reliable fruit platters. A lot of locals, most especially the older crowd, would still prefer cleansing their palates after each meal with a serving or two of fresh fruits that are in season. These platters are lighter and naturally sweetened. In some restaurants, fruits are combined with yoghurt, candy sprinkles and other nice treats.

These are not the only desserts that you can enjoy during your stay in Hong Kong. I leave it to you to discover the others and create your own list of favorites. Make sure that when you find your favorite dessert that you have your fill or better yet, bring some home with you when you go back to your hotel like the Nikko Hotel Hong Kong.

Happy dessert tripping!

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