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Science Is Fun At The Singapore Science Center

September 26th, 2008 by

Singapore Science CenterIf you find yourself in Singapore, I highly suggest that you make it a point to stop by the Singapore Science Center where you are assured to of a day filled with discovery, wonder, adventure and fun. Yup, you’ve read that right. FUN!

The highly acclaimed Science Center and Museum was established back in 1977 and has been known to be an institution that is committed to increasing awareness of science of technology. It has a remarkable display of over 1000 interactive exhibits that touch on various fields like robotics, astronomy, aviation, the human body, etc. which all aim to show how wonderful science really is. Aside from being educational, these interactive exhibits are quite entertaining as well. There are videos to watch, experiments to try, and displays to tinker with.

Whichever of the numerous hotels in Singapore you are coming from like the nearby Rivers Lodge or Amara Hotel at the business district, you can easily take the MRT to get to the Singapore Science Center as it is only ten minutes away from the Jurong East MRT Station and bus interchange. From the Jurong East Station (EW24/NS1) you can take SBS bus 335.

It is highly recommended that you set aside at least three hours for your visit so that you can enjoy all the attractions of this amazing place like:

AMAZING ELECTRON – You will find this at the second level of the Science Center building. This exhibit is targeted mainly for students, teachers and anyone who would like to know more about the humble electron and its various applications in our everyday technology that includes electronic devices, fields of telecommunication, medical science and even entertainment. The entire exhibit on the amazing electron is divided into six major areas namely: Eureka, Keeping You Safe, Have Fun, Making You Better, Hello Hello, and Tinker’s Lab.

CHEMISTRY EXHIBITION – The slogan of the Chemistry Exhibition is “Chemistry makes it happen!” It is truly a fitting slogan for this section of the Science Center which you will find at the ground floor. The Chemistry Exhibition aims to give deeper meaning to the fundamentals of Chemistry through hands on exhibits, intricate models, detailed illustrations and assorted presentations. You will also be introduced to the famous chemists and their amazing contributions in their fields of expertise. The Chemistry Exhibition is divided into several areas namely: Fundamental Chemistry, It’s a Material World, Phenomenal Chemistry, Reactive Chemistry, Chemistry in Everyday Life, and Chemical Bar.

DNA Learning Lab

GENOME – Come unravel the mysteries of life the fun way and take a peek inside the makings of the human cell. Gear yourself up with the fundamentals of genetics like DNA duplication and progress to learn about the tracing of human migratory patterns, solving of crimes with DNA, paternity testing, how gene testing improves our quality of life, and genetic related diseases.

HUMAN BODY – Marvel at the large models of the human body in this section of the Science Center which you will find at the Mezzanine Floor located above the Web of Life exhibition. You will surely have a fun time in this section where you get to understand all the wonders of your very own body. This exhibit is divided into four main areas namely: Your Marvelous Senses, Moving Around, Keeping Alive, and A New Beginning.

KINETIC GARDEN – Locals would tell you that this is Asia’s first outdoor interactive garden and you will find this at the open grounds between the Science Center and the Omni-Theater. This garden was designed to specifically demonstrate various scientific principles like different forms of energy, etc. Have fun with the Sundial, the Solar Fountain, Water Maze and the Energy Machine.


WATERWORKS – Who would have thought that getting wet can be an educational experience too? It is very possible if you decide to take that splash at the Waterworks, that is. You will find this next to the main entrance of the Science Center and is composed of an indoor and an outdoor section. In this section, you will discover a lot about one of our most important resources, WATER. A total of eleven exhibits would open your eyes to the importance of water, the details of the water cycle, and even some “water” trivia. Dive right in!

WEB OF LIFE – We are all connected in the web of life. We all co-exist with all living forms. In this part of the Science center, you will have a better understanding of our battle for survival plus you will be enlightened with all the misconceptions that we have on various plants and animals. Wander around and you will shortly realize that it is quite easy to lose track of time.

Aside from all these exhibits, you can also visit the other sections of the Singapore Science Center: Primary Science Learning Experience, Our Solar System, Nano Technology Exhibition, i-Space, Living with Viruses, Water Exhibition, Climate Change, The Science of F1 Exhibition, Atrium, Discovery Zone, Ecogarden, Energy, Space Science, and The Mind’s Eye.

Located beside the Singapore Science Center is an Omni Theater that houses an 18-seater stimulation theater. Visitors can physically experience various sensations in the short films. Various interesting features are shown in the five storey dome shaped theater that can be enjoyed by kids and the kid at heart alike. Feel free to check the official website of the Singapore Science Center to get the specific screening schedule for the movies and the different rides.

To sum everything up, the Singapore Science Center experience will make you feel good about yourself because you know that you did not just spend an entertaining day but you are also taking with you bits and pieces of knowledge that is totally enriching. You will leave thinking that Singapore doesn’t just offer goodies that will feed the stomach but also offers nuggets of knowledge that feed the brain.


Address: 15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081
Telephone: (65) 6425 2500
Operating Hours: 10:00 am to 6:00pm (Closed on Mondays except school and public holidays)

14 Responses to “Science Is Fun At The Singapore Science Center”

  1. MattC Says:

    One of my buddies is always talking about your blog at work – finally came and checked it out today, nice work! I’m subscribing to your rss feed – keep on posting!

  2. Beatrice Says:

    last article was the science center of hong kong then this time it is the one in singapore… wow, thanks for sharing kitci! i now have a long long long list of places to visit!!!!!!

  3. Monica Says:

    you’re really well traveled :) have you done an article on sentosa already?

  4. Kitci Wong Says:

    that’s very nice of you beatrice… thank you for reading my articles :D

  5. Kitci Wong Says:

    hello monica! yup, i really love to travel :) i’ve already done a two-part article on sentosa. here are the links:

    enjoy reading :)

  6. herbie Says:

    Wow! Singapore also has this. I am sure that it’s also a nice place to visit:)

    Do you have an article about Macau? I’ll be going there for a vacation by the end of the year and I am also going to Hong Kong. Where can I see your previous articles about Hong Kong?

  7. Kitci Wong Says:

    Hello MattC! Just read your comment :D Thank you so much for the lovely message. I greatly enjoy receiving messages from my readers. Please do let me know if there is any specific destination in Asia that you would like me to write about. Thanks again and please do keep on visiting :)

  8. Kitci Wong Says:

    Hi Herbie! Thank you for asking about Macau. I’ll be publishing an article about the Macau Wine Museum — should be uploaded in the coming days. Will write more articles about Macau and I hope those articles provide you with helpful information for your trip.

    As for Hong Kong, you can view all my other articles by clicking on this link: Keep on visiting Herbie… Thank you so much! :)

  9. Kitci Wong Says:

    Hi Herbie! You can already view my first article on Macau by clicking on this link:

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  11. Frederick Massetti Says:

    Outstanding website, I actually discovered it to be great. I am looking forward to coming back over again to see what’s new.

  12. Reloveution Says:

    Can i use this blog post as a reference. I am thinking to create my post out of this and give my own insight.. I hope you don’t mind

  13. fernanda Says:

    I love your articles! It’s pretty good!

  14. Tyesha Batas Says:

    I honourable don´t see movies evolving, For me it´s suchlike the old movies, without the livelong engineering object were overmuch healthier. They had education.

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