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Shop For Less At The Outlet Shops Of Hong Kong

February 19th, 2009 by

Citygate OutletsIt seems that the financial crisis is not enough reason for some people to put a halt to their travel adventures.  Travel fanatics would still go ahead and book those flights and hotel rooms in their preferred destinations.  If you ask them how they do it, they will tell you that the important thing to remember is that those who would like to travel must learn how to be budget and smart travellers.  More and more practical options are being offered to consumers now from budget airlines, to budget accommodations, to package tours, among others.  For those who travel and would like to do some shopping at the same time, then there are also less expensive options such as flea markets.  Hong Kong visitors, specifically, can visit a number of Outlet Shops where they will surely find original trendy merchandise that are originally meant for export or priced much lower as these are already excess inventories of several brands.

Here is a list of Outlet Stores in Hong Kong where you can shop to your heart’s content:

CITYGATE OUTLETS (MTR Tung Chung Station Exit C) – Those who plan to take the trip to the Ngong Ping Village to see Tian Tan Buddha would surely pass by the Citygate Outlets as it is located also at Tung Chung, the same MTR stop of the Ngong Ping tourists.  Unfortunately for those people who are obsessed with shopping, it would be difficult to resist the temptation to make a quick stop by the Citygate Outlets before boarding the bus or the cable car to Ngong Ping. Who could resist the temptation anyway?

The Citygate development is composed of the main shopping mall, office spaces and a hotel.  The Citygate Outlets carry a huge assortment of merchandise from different categories including sportswear, children’s wear, bags, footwear, personal care, and accessories, among others.  It is also considered as the first and only outlet mall near the main Hong Kong hotels and MTR stations and that carries over fifty big International brand names that offer ridiculously huge discounts.  Brands include Nike, Adidas, Puma, Calvin Klein Underwear, Esprit, Columbia, Timberland, Samsonite, United Colors of Benetton, among others.  Your eyes literally pop out of their sockets once you see those bright red sale store boards that read “70% OFF.” Sometimes, you would have to make a second look to believe the price tags!

Thousands of visitors visit this mall because it is easily accessible by means of public transportation especially for those who will come from the International Airport.  Tourists are also enticed to visit the mall because of the number of amenities that it can offer like the cinema, and a huge fast food are that offers a long list of International Cuisines including Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Indian, Singaporean, and a lot more.  There are specialty stalls that offer different kinds of beverages and another stall that offers different dessert items like the Sticky Mango in Coconut Milk, and Black Bean Pudding.  The superb Novotel Citygate Hong Kong Hotel, which has about 400 comfortable rooms, is also located nearby.

Adidas Factory Outlet

LEE GARDEN ROAD (MTR Causeway Bay Station Exit F) – Head to Lee Garden Road specifically the area between Hennessy and Kai Chu to find quite a number of factory outlets that retail apparel pieces like your everyday casual get-ups, some sports shirts and seasonal merchandise at slashed prices.  As you are visiting an outlet store then expect to see some overruns bearing designer labels that have almost unnoticeable flaws.  These items are being sold at about one-third of the original price.  Shops in this are open at around 11:00 am and operate until 7:00 pm from Monday to Friday.  Operating hours start by 11:30 am and last until 9:00 pm every Saturday and Sunday.

Granville Road

GRANVILLE ROAD (MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station Exit B2) – The Granville Road is a personal favourite and I make it a point to visit this busy shopping  area of Tsim Sha Tsui whenever I am in Hong Kong.  A multitude of shops can be found on both sides of the road.  These factory outlets sell the chic apparel of both local and international designer brands, the trendiest shoes, and the hippest bags at extremely discounted prices.   Some items are designer sample goods that are being sold at a fraction of their original prices because of only minor defects.  My other favourite stops include shops like Bonjour and Sa Sa that sell a lot of sample sized perfumes, cosmetics and other personal care products.   During my recent trip to Hong Kong, I even saw a Sa Sa factory outlet within that same area.  I was able to buy lip gloss tubes for only HK$ 15 and several bottles of fruity hand lotions which were a steal at HK$ 10 each.

You see, there are other ways to shop and have a great time without really spending a fortune.  We should just be smart enough to make the right choices and be patient whenever we go treasure hunting for bargains.  Keep in mind that being “dollar wise” should not keep you from buying things that will make you happy.

16 Responses to “Shop For Less At The Outlet Shops Of Hong Kong”

  1. Ikai Says:

    I was able to visit citygate outlets last december, i bought my favorite zooyork jacket there at abba house. really cheap for branded clothing =P

  2. herbie Says:

    Didn’t buy anything here since the line is soooo long… too lazy to fall in line hehehe. If you like to shop then i really suggest that you visit this place.

  3. Alex Tan Says:

    Fight the recession! Spend more.

  4. Beijinger Says:

    Is it really cheap for brands clothes? It is good recommadation to buy clothes. thanks for sharing us. I like shop as well as window shopping.

  5. monmon Says:

    wow…. wanna go shopping for clothes!!! this is like “a kid inside a candy store” for me! nice!

  6. Kitci Wong Says:

    Hi Ikai! It looks like you had a really fun time shopping at the Citygate Outlets :D

  7. Kitci Wong Says:

    You’re right Herbie! The line can be quite long most especially during weekends as this place is a common destination not only for tourists but for locals as well :)

  8. Kitci Wong Says:

    Hello Alex! Yup, the important thing to remember is that we should just be smarter with our shopping choices =D

  9. Kitci Wong Says:

    Hello Beijinger! Yes, I highly recommend these outlet shops specifically the ones that you’ll find at the Citygate Outlets. You can be sure that what you are purchasing are the legitimate products and not the “imitations.” Granville is trendier and also a fantastic place to find branded items. I love shopping too and at times when I am working on a limited budget… window shopping can also be FUN! :D

  10. Kitci Wong Says:

    Yes, it’s a nice place MonMon… you should go visit these outlet shops!

  11. Beatrice Says:

    ah yes.. i’ve been to the citygate outlets. you’re right, it is one of the best places to look for those branded yet inexpensive stuff. thanks for sharing this :)

  12. Maggie Says:

    yeah! Nowhere can I find a place for shopping better than Citygate Outlets! I especially like the music fountain in the square where I can enjoy a beer at the bar outside the cinema. Unlike shopping in other malls where people are enclosed within the building, here in Citygate Outlets, I enjoy shopping under the sky! I learn that more new brands are coming in a few months, including my favourite Coach!

  13. Nilay Says:

    My husband says am a total shopaholic, this time I want to buy some good summer cool shirts for him… please suggest me some reasonable stores.

  14. Authentic Jeans Says:

    wow is nice sendal…huehehehehe, lucu buanget model-modelnya

  15. Val Says:

    More or less how many Hong Kong dollars for a shirt or a pair of shoes?

  16. norman Says:

    whenever i visit hongkong, i usually go to citygate, a haven for bargains, discounts ranges from 50% to 70%

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