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Singapore Flyer: The World’s Biggest Observation Wheel

March 19th, 2008 by

Singapore Flyer - world’s biggest observation wheelPeople mistakenly call the Singapore Flyer as the world’s biggest and tallest ferris wheel, but there’s a huge difference between a ferris wheel, and a giant observation wheel, which the Singapore Flyer is at 165 meters, or 42 story building high with a 150-meter diameter wheel. The 28 air-conditioned capsules are as big as a small bus and can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 28 people while still offering a breath-taking panoramic view of Singapore.

Operating Hours

The Singapore Flyer Capsule at the top most heightThe Singapore Flyer started operating last February 11, 2008, surpassing the Star of Nanchang which used to hold the title of biggest and tallest. It opened to the public last March 1, 2008 and has continuously operated daily from 8 am (start of ticket sales, with the first flight at 8:30 am) until 10 pm (end of ticket sales). One ride is a single rotation of approximately 30 minutes, and allows passengers to embark at one side and disembark on the other side so that the slow rotation continues smoothly without needing to stop.

Location and How to Get To the Singapore Flyer

Located at the Marina Bay, the Singapore flyer is right smack in the prime waterfront central Business District of Singapore. It can easily be reached by car, taxi, walking on foot, train or via the Singapore Flyer Shuttle Service. Currently, the nearest available MRT station is the City Hall MRT Station but by 2010, the Promenade MRT Station willEsplanade and the Singapore Flyer be completed along the Circle Line which will be directly and conveniently connected to the Singapore Flyer. From the City Hall MRT station, visitors and guests can take a leisurely walk along Raffles Avenue while taking in numerous sites like the Esplanade, Suntec City, the Merlion, various 5-star hotels, and Marina Bay Floating Stadium. Visitors can also take the Singapore Flyer Shuttle Service at 2 SGD per adult and 1 SGD per child from three pick up points: City Hall MRT (Coleman Street Bus Stop next to St. Andrew’s Cathedral), Marina Square and Singapore Flyer; which runs every 30 minutes from 10 am to 8 pm daily. Hotel pick up is also available at 4 SGD per adult and 2 SGD per child with advanced booking at (65) 6738 3338.

Admission Prices to the Singapore Flyer

How much does a flight on the Singapore Flyer cost? There are four flight options to choose from. First, a basic Singapore Flight at one rotation of about 30 minutes cost 29.50 SGD for adults, 20.65 SGD for children (3-12 years old; 0-3 years Singapore Flyer Boarding Areaold are free) and 23.60 SGD for Seniors (60 years old onwards). Second, the Express Boarding contains the basic Singapore Flight and bypasses the ticket boarding queue for and exclusive check-in and in-flight guide. It costs 52 SGD for adults, 36.40 SGD for children and 41.60 SGD for Seniors. Third option is the Singapore Cocktail Flight which includes the express boarding plus a glass of specially concocted cocktail drink to sip while taking in spectacular foods. (Note that no food and beverage aside from this are allowed inside the capsule.) It costs 69 SGD for adults, 48.30 SGD for children and 55.20 SGD for Seniors.

Download: Singapore Flyer Brochure page 1 and 2

Singapore Flyer Brochure - (click to view full size) Singapore Flyer Brochure - (click to view full size)

Excited about riding the world’s biggest observation wheel? Watch out next time for Bellhop’s Review of Singapore’s latest attraction, the Singapore Flyer. In the mean time, why not read some Singapore travel reviews and find out what else Singapore has to offer.

15 Responses to “Singapore Flyer: The World’s Biggest Observation Wheel”

  1. erekiel Says:

    it’s a wonder we passengers didn’t go upside-down when we reached the top.

    what technology!

  2. Bellhop Says:

    Yes, isn’t it great? :p

    Though, if passengers were wearing gravity boots, then they would have enjoyed the view in all 360 degrees! :D

  3. peepee Says:

    the capsules are so big…sugoi ne

  4. Miriam Says:

    wow! that’s cool!

    Thanks for sharing this information. Waay helpful. I’ll go and print this out and when I go to Singapore I’d have reference material so I won’t look like a hapless tourist. :) Thanks again!

  5. chriskarol Says:

    Wow….. I’ll definitely take this ride :)

  6. Alex Tan Says:

    It’s cool to walk to the Singapore Flyer from the nearest MRT station in Marina Bay. You get to walk past the Esplanade and get a glimpse of the Merlion from a distance.

    You also pass the underground walkway where you can spot some people who spent the night there (did they miss the last train last night?)

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  11. Says:

    The technology now is high and if u look from the top,it is super duper nice!!!

  12. fyqa . Says:

    sugoi ne !! i was thrilled after riding this baby !! it was a once in a lifetime experience i would never forget !!!

  13. tammi Says:

    so i dont understand how the capsules work.. if they are attached to the frame and do not hang below…. does it rotate? how does it NOT go upside down?

  14. lol Says:

    whats bigger cn tower or singapore observation wheel

  15. Mike Litterous Says:

    This was a massive help, i look forward to my holiday here.

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