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Souvenirs To Buy In Cambodia

July 2nd, 2010 by

Not so many people get to experience the magic of Cambodia.  Those who are fortunate enough to visit this extraordinary country choose to stay far longer than planned.  When it is about time to leave, one is left with no choice but to simply browse through photos, watch videos in order to prolong the feeling of being in Cambodia and cherish the marvelous memories.  As for me, I make it a point to buy a lot of souvenirs in order for me to share a bit of each place with my loved ones back home.

Painting of an Apsara Dancer   Photo by: theshutterbugs

It was no different when I got to visit the Kingdom of Cambodia last year together with my partner.  But I would have to admit that I did a bit of research before hand to check which souvenirs were worth lugging back with me and possibly cause me to pay some overweight baggage fines at the airport.

Before I continue, it is important for me to mention that I have only visited two cities in Cambodia.  I first went to Siem Reap to view the exquisite Angkor Temples.  After a couple of days, I boarded a bus to Phnom Penh for a bit of sightseeing before I headed back to Bangkok for the next leg of my adventure.  In Siem Reap, a lot of souvenirs which I will be mentioning can be bought from vendors outside the entrances of the different temples.  There are also items which were sold at the in-house shops of the different hotels like at the Angkor Village Resort & Spa.  There are also tons of fantastic finds at the Angkor Night Market which opens from 4pm until midnight daily.  As for Phnom Penh, souvenirs were sold at the different markets that I got to visit.  One can head to Russian Market or even the Old Market (also called the Central Market).

Here is a list of the different souvenirs that can be purchased while in Cambodia:

T-SHIRTS – T-shirts are definitely favorite souvenirs in any tourist destination.  Most of the t-shirts that can be bought in Cambodia feature the famous Angkor Temples and other Khmer symbols, elements or architecture. The price ranges from as low as US$ 2 per piece to as high as US$ 5 depending on the quality, location, and one’s ability to charm and haggle.

Postcard Vendor  Photo by: theshutterbugs

POSTCARDS – You will see postcards almost everywhere in Cambodia.  The moment we got off the plane in Cambodia, we saw a bunch of postcards that were being sold at the airport. When we visited the different temples in Siem Reap, we encountered so many young kids who tried to sell us individual or packaged postcards.  They even asked how much we were willing to spend for the postcards.  I think postcards are nice souvenirs.  What I love to do is buy a bunch of postcards from a convenience store and go to the city post office so that I can mail them to friends back home and those who are also overseas.  I also make sure to mail one to me just for the excitement of receiving that postcard when I’m already home.  I got postcards for about US$ 3 for a set of 12 medium sized postcards.

PAINTINGS – I had no idea that I would be able to bring home paintings from Cambodia.  Yes, paintings as I did not buy one but I ended up buying 2!  What happened was my partner and I were exploring some of the Angkor Temples when we chanced upon a local who was busy painting away on several rolls of canvass.  It turned out that he was a vendor and he showed us his finished works.  The paintings were beautifully done that I immediately fell in love with a certain painting of Apsara dancers.  He said that one painting was US$ 8 and that the price included a native tube holder that will protect the painting in our suitcase.  The vendor also explained that the Apsara Dancer painting that caught my eye is half of a duet and the dancers were facing left.  He had another painting wherein the Apsara Dancer was facing right.  I did a bit of haggling and was able to bring home both paintings for US$ 10!  I still have the paintings with me rolled in that native tube and I will make sure to hang them in my future dream house.

Postcard Vendor  Photo by: theshutterbugs

CAMBODIAN SILK – I was mesmerized by Cambodian Silk the first time I got to touch it.  It was then that I discovered why Cambodian Silks are considered of high quality by distinguished silk collectors from all over the globe.  What is so interesting about Cambodian Silk is that the material is hand loomed through a classic process of looming and fiber coloring called ikat.  Those who are very much fascinated with this type of silk and process of silk making must make time to visit the Angkor Silk Farm.  This silk farm is located in Puok District which is about twenty minutes away from the heart of Siem Reap.  Tours to the Angkor Silk Farm can be availed free of charge and these guided visits will allow tourists to discover the different silk collections and the true beauty of the Cambodian silk fabrics that are carefully and lovingly woven by the women of Puok. Anyone who is interested in bringing home Cambodian Silk can buy fine silks in the form of sarongs, scarves, tailored tops, dresses or gowns, pillow cases, blankets, little handbags, wallets, and table accent pieces just to name a few.

Angkor Silk Farm
Contact Number: (855) 63 380 375
Tour Languages:  Khmer, English, Japanese and French
Operating Hours:  7:00am – 5:30 pm (tours end at 5:00 pm)

With all the wonderful things that you will get to see in Cambodia, it would be shame not to buy any souvenirs.  Make sure to leave ample room in your luggage as I am pretty sure that it would be a challenge to pack everything at the end of your trip.

2 Responses to “Souvenirs To Buy In Cambodia”

  1. Ice Says:

    thanks again for this wonderful and informative article kitci! i’m sure those paintings of the apsara dancers will make your future dream home even lovelier! :D

  2. Tan Says:

    Thank you for the great information.

    Will be leaving for Siem Reap in a couple of weeks and I am very concern of souvenirs to bring back for my little nieces (they always expect something when I am back from a holiday).

    I think silk will be good, but i hope that it does not become too heavy or expensive – EXCESS BAGGAGE!! ;-P

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