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Sunbathe By The Beaches Of Macau

March 13th, 2009 by

View of Hac Sa BeachPeople travel for different reasons.  Some travel to take photos of notable landmarks and popular tourist attractions. Some do so to immerse themselves in different cultures and meet the locals of each country that they visit.  There will be individuals who ride that plane to some far off destination to go on a gastronomic adventure and taste the sumptuous cuisines of different countries.  Of course, folks can travel to head to the beach to relax and rejuvenate   under the energizing heat of the sun.

Contrary to some first impressions of Macau, this charming tourist destination has several lovely beaches to offer to  beach bummers from all over the world.  These beaches can actually be placed in the top five list of attractions that  one must make time to visit while in Macau.  The coast of Macau, composed of the isthmus plus the islands of Coloane and Taipa, measures a total of about 41 kilometers.  The entire stretch of the coastline beaded with a lot of beautiful beaches that are ideal for anyone who are looking for some peace and quiet.

Here are some of the popular beaches that you can visit in Macau:

HAC SA BEACH (COLOANE ISLAND) – The Hac Sa Beach or Baia de Hac Sa in Portuguese, literally meaning “Black Sand Bay,” would have to be the biggest of all the beaches that you can see in Macau. It can be found in Coloane, towards  the Southeast section of the island.  If you prefer white sandy beaches then the Hac Sa Beach is not for you because as the name implies, this particular beach is popular because of its black-tinged sand.  But in recent years, there were grave cases of erosion.  To prevent the beach from wearing away, the government had to resort to drastic measures of filling the entire beach with lighter yellowish sand.

Welcome to Hac Sa Beach

Aside from the beach itself, there are other establishments that can be enjoyed by all visitors.  There is a Youth Center for Water Sports and a Sports Complex.  The Sports Complex houses an Olympic sized swimming pool, a smaller version of the pool for children, a sports field and several tennis courts.  The entire family can also take pleasure in frolicking together in the playgrounds or munch on packed food at the picnic and camping areas.  Those who prefer to “eat out” can try the delectable food that is served at the cafes and restaurants.

From the Hac Sa Picnic Park, visitors can walk towards the main road to check out the Hac Sa Reservoir and enjoy several activities that are offered at the Water Activities Center.  There is a jogging route that circles the reservoir and pedal boats that are available for a minimal rental fee.  Aside from the Water Activities Center, one can move on to the hill at the end of the Hac Sa Beach to get to the Macau Golf and Country Club.  Golf fanatics would certainly have a field day practicing their golfer’s swing at the club and hopefully scoring that highly coveted “hole in one.”

CHEOC VAN BEACH (COLOANE ISLAND) – Beyond the Hac Sa Beach, one can find the Cheoc Van Beach.  It is specifically located in a secluded cove towards the west end of the Coloane Island.

One side of the Cheoc Van Beach houses the main swimming section of the beach that is complete with provisions for changing clothes and several snack bars.  At the other end, visitors can spend the day doing laps or simply relax at the swimming pool.

Cheoc Van Beach

Another crowd favorite here would have to be a attractive marina, the Nautical Club, wherein those who are affiliated with the club deposit various water crafts that are used for leisure.  The marina is also the perfect backdrop for photos and tourists prefer to take some souvenir shots in this area.  Additionally, there is also a terrace that serves as a viewing deck where one can savour the panoramic view of the beach line and sparkling water.

You won’t go hungry when you visit Cheoc Van Beach.  Depending on your taste and preference, you can try the different restaurants that serve delicious food within the beach area.

The Hac Sa Beach and the Cheoc Van Beach are very well-liked by anyone who prefer to cool down by taking a swim or simply lie around to and get that gorgeous golden tan.  The serenity and tranquility of these well-maintained beaches would surely provide any visitor with a memorable and relaxing time.

Make your vacation extra memorable by staying in any of the numerous hotels in Macau.  If you are a budget traveler, you can choose to stay in an affordable hotel like the Riviera Hotel Macau.

Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen lotion, dependable pair of sunglasses and your favorite swimsuit.  Have fun! :)

5 Responses to “Sunbathe By The Beaches Of Macau”

  1. herbie Says:

    Didn’t try the beach when I was in Macau because it was so cold

  2. monmon Says:

    hhhhhmmmmmm….. Black sand? kinda intriguing!!! coz all the beach spots i know is famous for their white sand… this is definitely a first for me… looks like this is perfect for a summer fun under the sun…

  3. Beatrice Says:

    i guess the big comment here is: THERE IS A BEACH IN MACAU??!?!?!? i didn’t know that. geez, thanks for sharing. i must must go there!!!!! :)

  4. Kitci Wong Says:

    Hello Herbie! Then that’s a good reason for you to go back to Macau.

    Hi Monmon! Yes, black sand. To see is to believe?!

    Go there Beatrice! You’ll have a great time :)

  5. simon Says:

    hi, i lived and worked in macau for 2 years. black sand beach should be renamed black, oily, dirty, smelly sand beach – and that was before the wind storms took away most of the sand and barriers.
    its funny reading this, obviously written by a local trying to promote the place.

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