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Trendy Shopping In The Malls Of Taiwan

March 6th, 2009 by

Core Pacific City Living Mall People who are not too familiar with Taiwan would surely be surprised to find out that shopping is also one of the top activities that the Taiwanese prefer to do during their free time.  It is surprising in the sense that shopaholics hardly put Taiwan at the top of their list of destinations to visit whenever they go on a shopping spree in Asia.  The favorite shopping destinations would still have to be Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and exotic India.

Yes, the Taiwanese surely love to sing their favorite tunes in KTV bars and they also enjoy relaxing by catching the latest blockbuster movies.  But it cannot be denied that the Taiwanese, most especially the women in Taiwan, also use up a lot of time spending their dollars on fashionable clothes, chic shoes, trendy bags, and really stylish accessories.

With the increasing passion for shopping, one can assume that there will also be a considerable increase in the number of retail shops that offer various items, both local and imported, that will satisfy any one’s shopping cravings.  It is important to remember that one must never be limited to shopping only in the major department stores or malls that offer other services like cinema houses, restaurants, or supermarket.  You should also be open to the idea of rummaging through the goods sold in a quaint specialty shop that is located just a stone’s throw away from your hotel like the Golden Palace Hotel Taipei.

When it comes to shopping, the major shopping malls would have to be on top of anyone’s “must visit” list.  But unlike the Taiwan’s neighbors in Asia, there are not so many malls to go to in Taiwan.  It is only now that shopping malls are gaining so much popularity in the region that there are plans of malls to be built not only in the capital city of Taipei but in nearby cities like Kaohsiung as well.

Here is a list of major malls that you can visit in Taiwan:


The Core Pacific City Mall, which is fondly called as the Living Mall, is located at the border of Sung-shan District and Hsin-yi District of Taipei.  It is highly accessible no matter where you’ll be coming from in Taipei.

The mall was built in 2001 and has a total floor area of 204, 190 square meters.  It is divided into two main structures – the L—shaped structure made of granite from Finland and the sphere which is made of granite from Spain.  Its business area occupies a total of fifteen floors while the huge parking area occupies four floors.  Shoppers would hardly notice how time flies once they start browsing through over a thousand great buys whether local or international brands.  These items include lavish lines, ladies’ and men’s apparel, accessories, household wares, and different furniture among others.

Just like any other mall, visitors are also treated to different food choices that are offered by almost a hundred restaurants and indoor cafes.  Those who are budget conscious can satisfy their hunger by heading to the food court to try different kinds of fast food items that are offered there.  Shoppers can further entertain themselves by going to the Cinemark International Cinema complex to watch movies, amuse themselves on rows and rows of books at the Eslite Bookstore or have fun at the arcade center.

Dream Mall

DREAM MALL (Kaohsiung)

The Dream Mall only started as a dream.  That dream became a reality and is now considered as the newest and the biggest shopping mall in Taiwan from the time it opened in Kaohsiung back in March 2007. The Dream Mall was introduced with a bang to the public in flamboyant soft opening ceremonies that were complete with dancing cheerleaders.

Shoppers are treated to a super-sized shopping area of 399, 300 square meters wherein the mall occupies a total of nine stories and there are three basement levels that are occupied by restaurants, cinema houses, and fitness center among others. Two of Japan’s famed brands namely the Hankyu Department Store and the home furnishing brand, Nitori, also made their debut in Taiwan through their presence at the Dream Mall.   As for entertainment, the extraordinary Sanrio inspired ferris wheel can be seen from the rooftop.  This ferris wheel, which is fondly called Kaohsiung Eye, has about thirty six carts and each cart is designed with the different famous characters of Sanrio like Cinnamoroll Dog and Hello Kitty.  Riding this ferris wheel will provide you with a breathtaking view of the ocean.

Taipei 101 Mall

TAIPEI 101 (Taipei)

The Taipei 101 Mall is considered as the leading international destination in Taiwan most especially since it is housed in no less than the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101.

The mall occupies a total of 828, 000 square feet of shopping space that is divided into several floors where visitors can shop for designer labels, personal care items, the finest in fashionable apparel lines, exquisite restaurants and total shopping experience that spell comfort and style.

Expect to experience the posh life at Taipei 101 which can be ranked alongside the bigger shopping stops like  Champs-Elysées of Paris or the Fifth Avenue of New York.  You can learn more about Taipei 101 by reading “Taipei 101: Soaring High Above Everything Else”.

When you find yourself in Taiwan, you must include these ultra hip malls in Taiwan in your itinerary and fill your suitcases with the coolest shopping finds!

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  1. Ikai Says:

    Omg the shopaholic in me says I should totally go here! =)

  2. Kitci Wong Says:

    Haha… Taiwan is truly an interesting destination for shopping Ikai! :D

  3. Beatrice Says:

    that dream mall remind me so much of sm mall of asia in the philippines haha :D

  4. herbie Says:

    The first pic looks like a bee hive:)

  5. monmon Says:

    i wonder what it feels like to go malling in taiwan?! is it just like going to SM supermalls?!

  6. Isabelle Says:

    Cool story. I did not expect to stumble upon this today, but i am glad i did. Thanks!

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